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June 5, 2023

Simplify cloud adoption, strengthen security

By: John Doherty

Apogee Cloud and Security Professional Services

Enhance campus resiliency and success

Declining enrollment, uncertain revenue, and pressure to improve the student experience leave campus IT leaders little choice but to try to do more with less. Moving applications to the cloud can create new opportunities, but limited cloud expertise and little time to devote to developing a cloud strategy are common hurdles.

Meanwhile, the process of transformation can raise security concerns. Abundant academic, financial, and health data, regulatory and policy compliance, and the rising cost and exacting requirements that must be satisfied to obtain cybersecurity insurance contribute to a complex campus IT security environment.

Apogee Cloud and Security Professional Services help colleges and universities struggling with gaps in talent or expertise improve IT efficiency and enhance institutional resilience. From cloud readiness and migration to disaster recovery and information security planning, Apogee brings the expertise, tools, and processes you need to innovate and compete.  

Cloud Professional Services

A new era of efficiency and innovation in the cloud

Apogee Cloud Professional Services help campus IT teams create new avenues for efficiency, cost-savings, and innovation. With nearly a quarter century of higher education experience behind us, Apogee helps you close gaps in in-house cloud expertise, accelerate your digital transformation journey, and put you on the road to institutional success.

Cloud Readiness Assessments: Get ready for the cloud

Optimizing efficiency to create space for innovation pushes many IT teams to the cloud, but taking the steps necessary to prepare for the cloud is often the biggest hurdle. Apogee Cloud Readiness Assessments take away the pain of getting started, with a robust cloud strategy and plan to guide you to a new era of enhanced innovation, security and compliance, cost-efficiency, and peace of mind.

With the help of Apogee experts, you’ll create a truly mission-based cloud strategy designed to address essential strategic pillars that include staffing, budgeting, security, and planning. An Apogee Cloud Readiness Assessment includes:

Cloud Migrations: Simplify business application migrations

With limited cloud expertise, migrating the business applications your school depends on is a challenging proposition. Apogee Cloud Migration Services help you overcome the burden of legacy infrastructure or security and compliance concerns to improve availability and performance, enhance operational efficiency, and renew your focus on institutional priorities.

Apogee experts help streamline migration of higher education applications like enterprise resource planning {ERP), identity management, finance, and scheduling, with:

Application Modernization: Optimize your campus applications

Modernizing your essential business applications to perform at their best requires specialized expertise, tools, and processes that can be difficult to maintain. Apogee Application Modernization experts collaborate with your team to optimize your campus applications, enhance campus productivity and efficiency, and create a foundation for ongoing IT innovation.

Apogee helps you overcome gaps in resourcing and expertise, then applies change management best practices to guide your IT transformation. Essential elements of our Application Modernization service include:

Disaster Recovery Assessments: Ensure recovery of critical data

With too many priorities and not enough time, many campus IT teams don’t dedicate resources to disaster recovery (DR) until it’s too late. With real-world, higher education DR experience to back it up, our Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Storage Assessment helps protect your campus from data loss, minimize downtime and the financial repercussions of it, and enhance the resilience and reputation of your institution.

Apogee experts assess your backup and recovery procedures, make recommendations to improve security posture, and partner with you to create a NIST-based disaster recovery plan. Key features include:

End-User Computing Virtualization: Deliver a consistent, reliable end-user experience

Outdated infrastructure and rising costs make it difficult to respond to increasing demands for online learning or remote work. Apogee End-user Computing Virtualization helps you easily configure virtual desktops for anywhere access to content or applications, easing endpoint management, enhancing scalability, and saving money in hardware and maintenance costs.

Apogee assists campus IT teams with virtual desktop configuration, providing anywhere access to coursework or business applications.

Security Professional Services

Fortify your campus IT security posture

Apogee Security Professional Services help you protect critical student and research data and minimize the impact of cyberattack. Apogee experts help prepare your team to thwart bad actors, stay on top of an evolving threat landscape, and proactively manage through security incidents to maximize infrastructure resilience and protect your campus reputation.

Assess and address security risks

With limited specialized security expertise, rising costs, and thin budgets, navigating your way to an appropriate security posture can be a challenging exercise. Apogee higher education experts help assess your current risk and develop detailed security plans to help you better protect sensitive data, ensure regulatory compliance, and realize new cost-savings and efficiencies.

Apogee higher education security experts assess your institution’s security risk and develop a written plan to conform to the FTC Safeguards Rule and ensure you remain in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Key actions include:

Easily prepare security incident response

When security incidents occur, it’s critical to understand what happened and why to help prevent future disruption, data loss, or reputational damage. With detailed response by incident type, response plan testing, and robust IT staff training, Apogee Cybersecurity Response Plans help improve data protection, ensure compliance, and enhance the resilience of your infrastructure and institution.

Apogee experts develop an incident response program targeted to specific information security incidents like ransomware or email security breach. Components of the plan include:

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