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Ensuring uptime of campus infrastructure, managing end-user access, and protecting network resources and data require staff and expertise you likely don’t have. Hiring and retaining IT talent continues to be problematic, so how can you achieve efficient IT service delivery?

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Apogee Managed IT Services is a customizable suite of services that includes Managed Infrastructure, Endpoints, Active Directory, and Office 365 & Google Workspace. Apogee, a Boldyn Networks Company, maintains your IT infrastructure, enhances campus security, and ensures efficient operation of hardware and end-user applications, so you can deliver greater value to your institution by shifting focus from operational tasks to strategic projects.

Designed for higher ed, Managed IT Services enable you to provide the performance and reliability essential to a productive, secure campus technology environment.  Together, they ensure consistent access to applications and data, improve IT efficiency, and create new opportunities for IT innovation.

Chart a new path to IT efficiency

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Maximize server performance and longevity with Managed Infrastructure Services

Server infrastructure monitoring, rapid remediation, and regular patches and updates extend the life of your infrastructure and keep applications up and running smoothly.

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Protect network resources and data with Managed Active Directory Services

Managed Active Directory aligns network resources to the right users or groups, limiting access to critical applications and data and minimizing network vulnerabilities.

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Keep endpoints updated and secure with Managed Endpoint Services

High-performing and efficient servers, PCs, laptops, and smart devices enhance faculty and staff productivity.

Fill gaps in IT expertise

Our expertise in IT helps you uncover technology usage trends and requirements, apply customized policies and standards, and optimize delivery of campus IT services.

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Managed Infrastructure

Managed server hardware and software, including updates, patches, virtual environments maintenance, backups, and optimization


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Managed Endpoints

Managed end-user PCs, operating systems, applications, smart devices, and antivirus, including monitoring, management, installation, and patches


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Managed Active Directory

Managed user and computer permissions and policies, including servers, DNS, single sign-on (SSO), backups and multi-factor authentication


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Managed Office 365 & Google Workspace

Managed email, chat, cloud, and file storage systems, including policy enforcement, compliance, and data retention


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Datacenter Management

Datacenter management and monitoring to ensure optimal performance, security, and overall health, with rapid response to issues or potential threats. 


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IT Service Desk with Apogee

Remote 24/7 support, management, tracking, and monthly reporting of all IT tickets

Move from In-House IT to a Managed Technology Services Model

With operational scale and technical expertise perfected with over 350 institutions, Apogee can deliver managed technology services anywhere your campus needs demand in a predictable OPEX-based funding model. Read our e-book to learn how we can help you move to a managed technology services model.

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