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Gen Z’s expectations for online access aren’t for the faint of heart. In a hybrid learning world, the residence hall is where it’s at, with classroom content often streamed directly to student dorm rooms. While a dropped connection may once have been a passing annoyance, a class lecture dropped midstream is a critical failure of your mission.

A ResNet Ready for Gen Z

From multiple devices to bandwidth-hoarding games, to whatever Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are serving up, Apogee, a Boldyn Networks Company, works hard to stay ahead of complex Gen Z technology trends. Our student-centered approach to residential network design ensures you can empower students to use all their connected devices for study, research, entertainment, and socialization.  

With a predictable OPEX-based funding model, comprehensive student support, and a menu of services that can be customized to suit your specific needs, Apogee ResNet enables you to deliver a modern residence hall experience while freeing you from the pain of annual budgeting, equipment refreshes, and student complaints.

Blazing fast, reliable Wi-Fi

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Guaranteed speeds and availability

Dedicated, per-student bandwidth scaled to your needs, to eliminate complaints and improve your school’s technology reputation.

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Easy-to-use student portal

Students can easily and securely connect to Wi-Fi, manage and share wireless devices, and get US-based, 24/7/365 Apogee support fast — all in one place.

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Predictable OPEX-based cost structure

Our flexible OPEX 5 to 10-year funding model includes annual bandwidth increases, refresh evaluations in year 4, and regular preventative maintenance throughout the life of the contract.

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Fast, low-disruption installation

From historical landmarks requiring special care to state-of-the-art smart buildings, a typical Apogee ResNet installation is completed in just 2-4 weeks with limited disruption to the campus.

Ramp up your student experience with the Apogee ResNet student portal

On top of blazing-fast, Gen Z-ready Wi-Fi, your students can easily connect and add devices, share devices like printers or scanners, and quickly access 24/7/365 technical support all in one place. Watch the video.

“The service levels that are in place now would have been impossible to match. With Apogee as our partner, we get monthly transparency though a comprehensive report that provides specifics on data usage, network reliability, support tickets, and other criteria. We can now rely on Apogee’s 24/7/365 support team, including a local field technician, for assistance with the students in residence halls, while we focus our time and energy on the academic buildings.”

Dr. Karen King, Chief Information Officer
East Tennessee State University

Features and Benefits

Creating a residential network capable of taming the latest innovations from Silicon Valley demands a well-maintained understanding of higher education trends and needs. Our relentless pursuit of technical and operational excellence ensures your investment in Apogee ResNet is future-proofed 5-10 years out.

Speed, Security & Reliability

100Mbps per device for up to 10 simultaneous devices

High Density Wi-Fi 6 deployment for near 3:1 ratio of coverage

All New Wired and Wireless Equipment

Apogee ResNet delivers bandwidth to match student academic and entertainment demands, including multiple device types like smartphones, desktop/laptops, gaming consoles, smart/IoT devices and content streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

For administrators, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi access eliminates student complaints, improves student and parent satisfaction, and can contribute to student enrollment and retention.

Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi encrypts data before transmitting it over the air, preventing others in the immediate area from intercepting the communication signal and gaining access to potentially sensitive user data.

Apogee also offers the ability for each user to have their own personal Wi-Fi password (also known as a pre-shared key or PSK) for greater security.

Support and Monitoring

Onsite support

Apogee provides 24/7/365 support and issue resolution (human, not a bot) to students via phone, text or chat.

US-based call center,
less than one-minute to answer

  • 10 seconds average response time
  • 96% of tickets resolved on first attempt

Regional field support and sparing

Onsite support, including parts replacement, offloads issue resolution from administrators and IT staff and frees them up to support strategic priorities.

24/7/365 NOC management

Deeply experienced network operation center (NOC) management staff identify and respond to network issues as they happen to ensure the highest levels of ResNet availability.

Full Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) cooperation and support

Apogee is committed to the principals of the DMCA and cooperates fully with administrators and authorities to assist in areas of criminal copyright infringement.


Dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM)

Apogee CSMs provide marketing materials designed to promote Wi-Fi service and help students get connected, including posters, ‘Get Connected’ guides, and social media templates.

For administrators, CSMs provide monthly actionable reports into student onboarding, the ongoing digital experience, and the ROI of ResNet investment.

Network Insights

Apogee ResNet Location Analytics (Optional)

Location Analytics provides actionable insights about facility utilization and student activities. Apogee provides an anonymized analytics platform that empowers school administrators to:

  • Visualize the usage of common areas over time.
  • Observe traffic patterns for bottlenecks.
  • Gauge attendance at events.
  • Identify under-utilized areas to improve spaces.

Satisfaction & Ease of Use

Apogee ResNet Student Portal

The Apogee ResNet student portal helps students quickly and securely connect to Wi-Fi, easily manage and share devices, and access Apogee support fast. The portal features:

  • Customizable branding
  • Easy SSO authentication
  • Device and connection status dashboard
  • Secure sharing of student devices (e.g., printers, scanners) with roommates
  • One-touch 24/7/365 access to Apogee support

Eduroam support

Eduroam is a “federation” of schools with a shared framework for network authentication. Apogee’s support for eduroam allows students, faculty and staff to get online at any eduroam member institution using a home school user ID and password. Eduroam requires SSO for ResNet.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SSO allows students to get online with their university credentials.

  • Fewer passwords for students to remember
  • Greater security (passwords are not stored in multiple systems)

Device Registration by PSK (with Cisco or Ruckus)

Getting devices online is simplified with Cisco or Ruckus networks.

  • No need to hunt down MAC addresses on devices
  • Students just add devices by connecting with their unique PSK

Personal Area Network (PAN)

A Personal Area Network (PAN) allows each of a user’s devices to be able to “see” and communicate directly with each other on the network. For security and to protect student privacy, PANs are assigned by student or room number, depending on manageability concerns or needs of the school, preventing device visibility beyond the user or room. PAN lets students print wirelessly, connect wireless Sonos systems, or enjoy Apple AirPlay for an at home-like experience.

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How to Create the Modern Residence Hall with Managed IT

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