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Apogee Welcomes Our New CEO Scott Drossos.



To innovate around teaching and learning, a robust network is needed.  To recruit students, you must deliver uncompromised higher-performing Wi-Fi.   To conduct game-changing research, you need a network built to last.  To drive student engagement and build community, connectivity cannot be an afterthought.  Focus on these outcomes and leave the network to us.

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Higher Education
Is Our Higher Purpose

Apogee is the only managed technology services provider focused exclusively on higher education. Apogee has become the trusted partner to more than 400 schools and 1 million students and administrators who rely on our innate understanding of how superior services power student vitality. Partnering with Apogee enables schools to derive greater return on their IT investments and increase student satisfaction while achieving budget stability and predictability.

Apogee's comprehensive portfolio includes:
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Unmatched residential networks (ResNet) that enable you to focus on mission-critical projects while driving superior student online learning experiences

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Full managed campus network services, including location and student analytics, so you can focus on enabling online learning and research instead of network infrastructure and support

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Streaming and HDTV video services that provide a “like-home” rich media experience to residents

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Digital campaign curation and execution services that unite your community, complemented by skilled Apogee marketing specialists

The Apogee Difference

At Apogee, our passion for higher education is core to our mission. Like the thousands of administrators and professionals we’ve partnered with in the deployment of managed technology services, we care deeply about creating an environment in which students thrive, both academically and emotionally.

99% of Apogee customers renew their contract because we deliver a superior experience to students and free up administration to focus on strategic initiatives. Serving higher education is our calling, and we are dedicated to helping colleges and universities raise their profile and reputation in these uncertain times.

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Build an innovative and resilient university.

Lead the way through the uncertainty to a stronger institution. Now more than ever, it takes a partner who understands the complexities and nuances of higher education. Browse our collection of resources to start your journey with us.

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