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Fortify your campus IT security posture

Student academic, financial, and health data, complex regulatory and policy compliance, and the rising cost and exacting requirements that must be met to obtain cyber insurance challenge the experience and expertise of campus IT teams. Uncertain revenue sources and decreasing budgets intensify the difficulty.

Close gaps in security expertise

Apogee Security Services address the complexities of campus IT infrastructure and information security. In close collaboration with your IT team, our security experts help you protect student, research and other sensitive data while minimizing the impact of future cyberattack.

Backed by Apogee, a Boldyn Networks Company, real-world security experience and expertise, our range of security offerings, including Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services, help you thwart bad actors, stay ahead of an evolving threat landscape, and proactively manage through nearly any security incident.

For campus IT teams with limited in-house security expertise, constrained budgets, and too many competing priorities or tasks, Apogee can help immediately enhance your security posture, maximize infrastructure resilience, and preserve your campus reputation.

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Stay Ahead of Threat Actors

Two decades in higher education

Apogee combines real-world security expertise with more than two decades of exclusive service to higher education, ensuring a comprehensive yet efficient approach to your institution’s cybersecurity posture. 

Customized, scalable security solutions

Our experts collaborate with your team to understand your school’s specific security requirements, rightsizing our approach to meet your needs then growing with you as your infrastructure and security demands evolve. 

Proactive, end-to-end protection

From risk assessment and remediation to incident response planning, Apogee security experts help ensure your campus stays ahead of threat actors in a rapidly evolving security and compliance landscape. 

Explore Security Services

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Security Risk Assessments 

Apogee higher education security experts assess your institution’s security risk and develop a written plan to conform to the FTC Safeguards Rule and ensure you remain in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).


Virtual CISO

Apogee higher education infosec experts provide security-focused leadership to campus IT teams, building programs to address risk, vulnerabilities, technologies, and architecture.


Ransomware Response

Apogee experts develop incident response programs targeted to specific information security incidents like ransomware or email security breach. 


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Managed Endpoints

Endpoint monitoring, including malware prevention, antivirus updates, and policy enforcement, helps secure your network, minimize disruption, and enhance user productivity. 


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