Moving Forward Together

At Apogee, we believe education is a doorway to a fair and just society. Driven by core values of equity, respect, and compassion, we partner with our customers to ensure an accessible education for everyone, with a special emphasis on those undermined by systemic racism and injustice. Within our own walls, we stand committed to creating a healthy culture of diversity and inclusion, to empowering one another as advocates for an inclusive workplace, and to doing so transparently, with regular published reports of our progress.

We champion opportunities for others

Lifting others up begins with acknowledging our differing experiences, demonstrating a willingness to listen, and adopting a mindset of personal growth. Apogee team members create an equitable and inclusive workplace through relationships built upon trust, empathy, and respect and advocating for policies and practices that inspire a diverse and inclusive culture.

Our diversity inspires creativity and innovation

Apogee believes a diverse and inclusive culture is synonymous with success. Our decisions and actions are guided by our desire for a workplace future generations will want to call their own, where every team member feels heard, supported, and safe. We turn this vision into action with a relentless focus on equal opportunity, demonstrating respect for other points of view, and partnering with like-minded higher education institutions and companies.

Our strength is in our heart

When each of us is free to bring our authentic selves to our work, we outstrip our own expectations for what we can achieve together. Apogee creates an inclusive culture and sense of belonging by valuing the perspectives and contributions of others without exception, establishing norms around open communication, and allowing for difficult conversations to occur without fear of retaliation.

We’re committed to moving forward

Through formalized training beginning in January 2021, Apogee leaders will review the many benefits of diverse teams and learn about ways to get involved in Apogee Move Forward Together initiatives. Along the way, we’ll launch campaigns to actively promote diversity and inclusion higher education wide, with topics tied to issues of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We partner with those who share our goals

Building on the success of our employee-sponsored fundraiser, Apogee continues its partnership with Foster Angels, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care. Our passion for affordable, accessible higher education translates into technology grants to schools with the hands-on support of Apogee team members, grants to help close the gap between digital technology and those without access to it, and scholarships for underrepresented college and university students.