The Apogee Internship Experience

Apogee’s internship program provides students the opportunity to support and implement cutting-edge enterprise networks. This is a great way to not only deepen your career interests but to gain valuable work experience and have fun along the way!

Each summer we deploy and install a tremendous amount of new networking and video equipment (access points, switches, routers, etc.). This is where you come in. Alongside our implementation and project management teams, you’ll work to help us meet our schedules and deadlines.

While you’ll learn a lot, this is not a desk job. Rather you’ll work in our configuration room, and onsite at client properties installing network infrastructure.

If you’re looking to work hard during the summer, and have an experiential internship, this may be the right opportunity for you. We will provide all the training, and mentorship you’ll need for this role.

Our internship is designed to provide:

What you will learn at Apogee: