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Residential Networks (ResNet)

How Pittsburgh Technical College Makes Students Feel at Home on Move-In Day

Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC) is a small private college with enormous talent and relentless dedication to providing high-value higher education and pathways to exciting careers. The college is proud of its in-field job placement rates of greater than 93% in a range of growth industries from robotics to IT.

One of the hallmarks of PTC is providing residential students with an exceptional living and learning experience, including access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi service that mirrors their at-home experience. Mona Mattson, Apogee Client Services Manager (CSM), recently sat down with PTC leaders Jon Buhagiar, Director of Network Operations, and Jaclyn Smith, Senior Resident Coordinator of Resident Life, to discuss the importance of Wi-Fi, and how Apogee ResNet has been a game-changer for the college.

Prior to Apogee, Jaclyn spent valuable time fielding network complaints from students, contacting their former Wi-Fi provider, and ensuring that tickets were being handled in a timely manner. Today, with Apogee as a technology partner, Jaclyn now has more time to dedicate to development programming and making sure students’ wide ranging housing needs are met.

“I always want to make sure they are getting equal opportunity with me if there is any issue, including internet, so that makes me freer to go where I need to go for each student,” she says.

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Pittsburgh Technical College is Creating a Higher Standard in Higher Education

Apogee Business Development Manager Megan Rosati had the privilege of interviewing Pittsburgh Technical College’s President Dr. Alicia Harvey-Smith. Watch our video to learn about Dr. Harvey-Smith’s vision for the college, the importance of Wi-Fi for residential students, and the positive impact Apogee has on delivering an exceptional student experience.