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Residential Networks (ResNet)

How Apogee Empowers Saint Vincent College to Offer an Exceptional Student and Campus Experience

With an estimated 300,000 guests visiting Saint Vincent College each year, and with online learning playing an integral part of the student experience, the college requires a fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi network. This is why the college partnered with Apogee, a national leader in managed technology services in higher education. In this video series, learn about some of the IT challenges the college faced before the partnership, our approach to customer service, and the importance of on-going system upgrades, so campus leaders can focus less on Wi-Fi, and more on strategic initiatives.

Part 1

Learn about the mission of Saint Vincent College, the diverse community of stakeholders they serve, and why Apogee is considered much more than a vendor, but as a trusted technology partner that has delivered optimal Wi-Fi network services for over a decade.

Part 2

Learn how the Apogee Managed Campus Portal provides the college with visibility into key trends, network utilization, and service requests, which helps inform their IT strategies, and how Apogee responds to network issues quickly thanks to an embedded Field Service Representative, and dedicated Client Services Manager.

Part 3

Learn about the importance of an operational fit when choosing a managed technology provider, the Apogee service level support model, and our predictable OPEX model. Justin also discusses the benefits of periodic campus-wide network refreshes, which ensure that the college is providing an exceptional Wi-Fi experience.