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Maintaining a secure, segmented, high-performing network is hard. Too many IoT devices along with the hybrid learning imperative make the job even tougher, especially with limited IT staff and expertise. Apogee Managed Network Services deliver the core, wired, and wireless infrastructure you need, with network access control (NAC), next-generation firewalls with VPN, and 24/7/365 support and monitoring.

But I can’t control what I can’t see, we hear you say.

Included with all managed network services contracts, our unique Managed Campus Portal with Insights Dashboard offers intuitive analytics and insights on network performance and status. Access the portal from any device to quickly visualize network health, uncover capacity and usage trends to guide future planning, and enjoy self-service Apogee Support request management to ensure operational agility.

With robust core services, available service add-ons, and a predictable OPEX funding model to eliminate budgeting surprises, Apogee Managed Network Services helps you deliver reliable connectivity to your campus without sacrificing visibility and control.

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Apogee is the only network managed services provider exclusively focused on higher education. Your goals are our goals. Your challenges are our challenges. So, our day begins much like yours; by asking ourselves how we can effectively leverage our resources and expertise to enrich the student experience and foster student vitality, while helping you stabilize your network costs and achieve pain-free technology refreshes.

The answer comes in the way we empower you for success. We live and breathe all things higher education. We dig into student and technology trends and operational and financial models – and we don’t stop digging. With determination backed by more than two decades of experience, we work tirelessly to anticipate the challenges we’ll overcome together. It’s the essence of partnership and a cornerstone of who we are.

your institutional mission

Competing for new students in the face of shrinking enrollment means adopting cutting-edge ed-tech solutions to improve teach and learn. It falls on you to deliver the network performance these technologies require. Outsourcing the design, build, and management of your network to a partner that truly gets it can help you overcome limited resources and staffing and expertise shortages and gaps to deliver greater value toward your school’s mission.

Two decades of higher ed networking experience ensure a flexible network optimized for performance, scale, resiliency, reliability, and cost efficiency over the long haul. Equally important, our predictable OPEX funding model and equipment refresh cycles eliminate hardware funding requests to enhance your peace of mind.

Four Fits

In our 20+ years in higher education, we’ve identified four key areas consistently present in every successful partnership. Our Four Fits Workshop is a collaborative process designed to explore and understand your institution’s current and desired state in each of these areas.


The importance of executive sponsorship, communication and collaboration, and governance.


The integration of robust Apogee processes with those of your school to deliver exceptional service.


The evaluation of your institution’s current environment to optimize upgrades, including Apogee support, meet SLAs, and stay ahead of the technology curve.


A review to ensure proper stewardship of your school’s resources and exploration of how a managed services project works within your budget.

peace of mind


With technology changes coming hard and fast and bandwidth needs doubling every 18 months, it’s easy to be unpopular come budgeting time. Outsourcing can tackle these challenges head on, but handing over the keys to your network can be unsettling. A true partner with a commitment to visibility and control can help you overcome the challenges of network management while enhancing your peace of mind.

Included with Apogee Managed Network Services, the Apogee Managed Campus Portal delivers real time network insights into network performance, status, and capacity. Next-generation firewall, secure Wi-Fi, and network segmentation help protect critical data and isolate vulnerable IoT devices from mission-critical network servers and data.

of network ops


With hundreds of internal customers with wildly disparate needs taking up already limited staff time, it’s difficult to accomplish your strategic goals. Partnering with a higher education expert can help resolve issues fast – often before they happen – without soaking up in-house resources. Apogee helps you and your colleagues focus on what matters most.

Included in a comprehensive engagement or as a standalone service for existing networks, Apogee delivers 24/7/365 monitoring with proactive support and issue resolution, along with dispatch of onsite support. Plus, with the powerful self-service ticketing functionality of our Apogee Managed Campus Portal, creating tickets and checking support status are a snap



Not every user should have access to your network. Apogee Managed Network Services keep out potential attackers by recognizing each user and device and enforcing security policies that block noncompliant endpoint devices or provide only limited access. Maintaining a secure network while providing users with access to the systems helps you achieve improved security and IT efficiencies.

With Apogee, it’s easy to onboard student and staff devices with while maintaining an effective security policy. Support for a range of authentication protocols enables greater administrative flexibility while ensuring an optimal balance of security and ease-of-use for campus users.

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