One of the lesser known but most important advantages of choosing Apogee ResNet for residence hall Wi-Fi managed services is our army of Client Service Managers (CSM) who provide personalized stewardship to IT, Housing, and Finance & Administration departments and who help students get connected to Wi-Fi as soon as they step into the residence hall each August.

Apogee has earned the reputation as a ResNet provider of choice for colleges and universities throughout the country due to our ability to design, build, and install a modern and encrypted ResNet quickly, deliver guaranteed fast speeds with support for up to 10 simultaneous devices, uniquely offer personal area networking and single sign on capabilities, and provide 24/7/365 U.S.-based technical support directly to residents via phone, chat, and email.

In this blog post, I’d like to profile Apogee CSM rock star Mona Mattson and dive into how she delivers move-in magic. She not only ensures campus leaders are kept in the know about the installation of the network and its ongoing performance SLAs, but she also ensures campus residents can do the first thing they want to do when arriving at their new home.

It’s not unpacking their belongings. It’s connecting all their devices to Wi-Fi, which is as important as electricity and water to Gen Z.

Meet Apogee Client Services Manager Mona Mattson

Mona Mattson and the Hiram College Terrier Mascot give move-in and Apogee ResNet two thumbs up .

Mona is one of many Apogee CSMs who make life better and easier for administrators during fall move-in when students are racing to connect to Wi-Fi and link all their devices. Mona, who immigrated from India with her parents when she was 10 years old, joined Apogee in August 2016. She is based in Pittsburgh and supports Apogee customers of all sizes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, California, and Alaska.

Mona is passionate about family, education, technology, and service to others. “As an Apogee CSM, I can check every box in a role that feeds my passion for technology while also serving students and being accessible to my family. I am a tech geek at heart. When I was looking for new career opportunities in 2016, I read the Apogee Client Service Manager job description and felt it was perfect for me. I wanted a job that would be fulfilling while also allowing me to work remotely.”

Move-in Magic with Mona

Preparing for the first fall move-in typically begins between March and June of every year, although network updates and refreshes can also be scheduled mid-semester or during spring or winter breaks. A team of Apogee experts work collaboratively and closely with campus IT and housing teams to create a plan for the initial ResNet installation and ensure that all details are addressed. Apogee CSMs work with each campus to understand their move-in dates and prepare to support that process as well.

Apogee has a dedicated Client Service Manager and a Field Service Representative (FSR) for every campus. One of their many roles is to assist students on-site and remotely during move-in days. Mona typically sets up a table outside a main residence hall to provide students with assistance. Apogee equips each school with physical posters and flyers that are put up and disseminated throughout residence halls, along with a digital package of emails, web content, and social media content to easily reach students online. Both the physical and digital materials contain easy-to-understand information on how to connect to the Apogee ResNet and instructions to obtain technical support.

Posters and flyers guide students to connect to Wi-Fi via a QR code. Apogee knows that students will want to connect their smartphone first, so we start there. Once connected to Wi-Fi, students are automatically directed to a student portal (which can feature school branding) that guides the student to set up their personal area network and connect each of their devices – laptops, tablets, personal assistants like Alexa, printers, smart bulbs, etc. Our CSMs, FSRs, and US-based 24/7/365 Student Services team personally assist students in logging into the student portal, signing on to their residential network, and connecting all their devices.

If a student needs technical support, they can call, chat, or email for help. Each school is provided with its own unique toll-free phone number, so that Apogee Student Services knows exactly from which school a student is calling when a support call comes in. The Student Services team prides itself on achieving what we call “10 and 10” ninety-six percent of the time: we strive to answer a support call within ten seconds and resolve the issue in ten minutes or less. The other four percent of the time, we can dispatch the FSR to investigate and fix the issue. Apogee FSRs are seen as an extension of the campus’ IT team.

Mona Mattson and the Hiram College Terrier Mascot give move-in and Apogee ResNet two thumbs up.

Monthly Stewardship Calls and Reports and On-Site Visits

One of our mottos at Apogee is “offload operations, not control.” We want campus IT and Housing leaders to have visibility into the performance of Apogee managed networks and student usage data and patterns. Every month, Mona provides a stewardship report and conducts a call with campus leaders to show details of ResNet usage, number of devices connected, peak usage times, support calls and metrics, and other valuable data. Mona also engages in strategic conversations with campus leaders about technology preparedness, addressing gaps in IT talent and expertise, and tying technology initiatives to strategic initiatives.

Our entire team of CSMs and FSRs are the main reason Apogee clients give us a 98% satisfaction rating and why we’ve earned a world-class 71 NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating. We believe no other managed technology services provider can come close to matching our proactive stewardship and support. If you’d like to learn more about how our CSMs and FSRs wear your colors and become an extension of your team, we invite you to fill out this form.

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