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January 1, 2022

Create the Modern Residence Hall

By: Teresa de Onis

Create the
Residence Hall

Managed Residential
Network Services
for Higher Education

Higher education
is our higher purpose.

Apogee is the only managed technology services provider in the industry exclusively focused on higher education. Like the thousands of administrators and professionals we’ve partnered with, we care deeply about creating an environment in which students thrive, both academically and emotionally.

Your goals are our goals. Your challenges are our challenges. So, our day begins much like yours, by asking ourselves how we can most effectively leverage our resources and expertise to enrich the student experience and foster student vitality. The answer comes in the way we empower you for success.

We live and breathe all things higher education. We dig into student technology trends and institution operational models – and then we don’t stop digging. With focus and determination backed by two decades of experience and expertise, we work tirelessly to anticipate the challenges we’ll overcome together.

as a state of grace

Few industries have suffered disruption more than higher education. While school closures and virtual learning appear to be behind us, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic linger. Many students are returning to campus with socialization and mental health concerns. Others with evolving attitudes about how and where learning happens.

These conditions only amplify preexisting student and family expectations for return on investment. How quickly schools move to enhance the connectedness among students or accommodate rapidly evolving styles of learning is directly proportionate to their ongoing success. Disruption comes fast. Solutions must, too.

For business officers, real solutions are those that get ahead of evolving student needs, align with school mission, and enhance institutional resilience. From blended learning to online study pods, to simple yet feature-rich connectivity, your residence hall Wi-Fi network can be the difference between an innovative on-campus experience and the status quo.

Forward-thinking schools are already exploring ways to modernize the residence hall experience, turning dorm rooms and common areas into online classrooms. Delivering simple, reliable, and pervasive connectivity to match what many students experience at home. And innovating new solutions or features that enhance connectedness and socialization.

Get smart
about priorities

Unapologetically connected across multiple devices all the time, Gen Z’s expectations for online access aren’t for the faint of heart. But in a hybrid learning world, the residence hall is where it’s at, with classroom content often streamed directly to student dorm rooms. While a dropped connection may once have been a passing annoyance, a class lecture dropped midstream is a critical failure of your mission.

But how can you modernize your residence hall experience in the face of limited budgets and shrinking staff? By getting smart about your priorities and offloading operational tasks to experts, so you can focus on the strategic initiatives that matter.

Instead of diverting IT staff from priorities essential to your institutional mission, find ways to reduce or eliminate time-consuming day-to-day operational headaches. Instead of overspending on technology, explore ways to work within your budget to simplify your operations. Stop managing through disruption and instead use it as your opportunity to rethink what’s possible.

Build a ResNet
ready for Gen Z.

From multiple devices to bandwidth-hoarding games, to whatever Netflix, Hulu and YouTube are serving up, Apogee works hard to stay ahead of complex Gen Z technology trends. Our student-centered approach to network design ensures an Apogee ResNet empowers thriving students to use all of their many connected devices to study, conduct research, be entertained or creative, and socialize with friends and family.

Blazing fast, reliable Wi-Fi

When it comes to modernizing your residence hall experience, only Apogee delivers the guaranteed speeds and high availability your students demand. Over two decades, we’ve built relationships with the industry’s leading network architects, developers, and vendors, uncovering regular insights that inspire our innovation.

With dedicated, per-student bandwidth scaled to your needs and proactive field support staff, we help eliminate student and parent complaints and improve your school’s technology reputation. Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities and eduroam support make it easy for students to connect, while Personal Area Networking (PAN) allows students to connect all their devices, just like at home, to print wirelessly, use Apple Airplay, listen to music on their wireless speakers, and more.

A Wi-Fi experience designed with students in mind

With branding customizable to your school, our Apogee ResNet student portal lets your students easily and securely connect to Wi-Fi, manage and share wireless devices, and access Apogee support fast — all in one place. The portal’s PAN feature creates an at home-like experience, where a student’s many devices can seamlessly communicate with each other. PAN also enables secure access-sharing of printers or other devices with roommates and friends.

SSO authentication connects students to Wi-Fi using school login credentials, eliminating the need for complicated, hard-to-remember passwords. Upgrading or adding new devices is simple and students have easy 24/7/365 access to US-based Apogee Support right from the portal.

Enjoy budget stability and predictability

From state-of-the-art smart buildings to historical landmarks requiring special care, Apogee is deeply experienced in the design and installation of ResNet infrastructure. While a similar project handled by your own IT staff might take a year or longer depending on available resources, Apogee gets you up and running fast, saving time and money with limited disruption to campus activities. Our typical installation timeframe is just 2-4 weeks.

With more than 20 years exclusively serving higher education, we understand better than anyone the unique demands placed on your network infrastructure. This experience fuels our ResNet planning and design, future-proofing your investment 5-10 years out. Our flexible OPEX 5 to 10-year funding model includes annual bandwidth increases, refresh evaluations in year 4, and regular preventative maintenance throughout the life of the contract.

Plus, we provide a dedicated Apogee client services manager to help you stay on top of your investment with actionable insights into student onboarding and engagement.

“One of the biggest advantages of the Apogee ResNet is that students can now focus on their academics without getting frustrated by a lack of connectivity or speed — key for a school like SUNY Maritime with a rigorous academic schedule. Now, as we look ahead toward continued digital transformation, we already see opportunities to use Apogee to extend our installation.

It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Apogee has given me a lot of peace of mind.”

– Mike Mastromarino, CIO, SUNY Maritime College

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