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How will you drive campus community in the new reality?

Engaging and creating connections among a diverse campus community takes on new significance in a time of social distancing, made more complex by a renewed emphasis on social injustice and equality. As new policies are implemented to support reopening of college campuses nationwide, and parents and students alike questioning the value of online-only or “HyFlex” learning, it falls on you to create an experience that, while likely different, fosters a unifying sense of community among faculty, students, and staff to fill the gaps caused by the new reality.

But delivering a rich, meaningful experience isn’t easily achieved through one-off communication channels. You need an integrated campaign strategy and execution that surrounds your community with the information they covet, then inspires them to act and engage. You need robust tools accessible to your school’s diverse teams, organizations, and voices. And you need authenticity, to ensure messages resonate in way that brings people together without turning them off.

Apogee Campus Engagement Services
are a powerful, turnkey campaign curation and execution managed services complemented by experienced Apogee higher education marketing professionals. Our easy-to-use content curation and submission portal ensures every campus community voice is heard while our marketing specialists team works at your direction to create a fully integrated campaign aligned to your vision and goals.

Apogee Campus Engagement Services combine our marketing know-how with an empowering content curation portal to deliver comprehensive, engaging, and action-inspiring campaigns that unify and delight your campus community. Creating an unrivaled campus experience is core to growing student enrollment and retention and outpacing competitive institutions. Will you do what it takes to win?

Apogee is the only managed services company in the industry exclusively focused on higher education. Your goals are our goals. Your challenges are our challenges. So, our day begins much like yours, by asking ourselves how we can most effectively leverage our resources and expertise to enrich the student experience and foster student vitality.

The answer comes in the way we empower you for success. We live and breathe all things higher education. We dig into student and technology trends and into institutional operational models – and then we don’t stop digging. With focus and determination backed by two decades of experience and expertise, we work tirelessly to anticipate the challenges we’ll overcome together.

It’s the essence of partnership and a cornerstone of who we are.

In the face of new practices designed to encourage social distancing, it can be difficult to create an environment in which communication and community are fundamentally ingrained. Your campus population may also be geographically dispersed this year. Traditionally popular campus events may go virtual. The job of creating interest in online events or driving alignment around university goals and culture is much more challenging.

It falls on you to double-down on programs that inform and rebuild campus connections.

Your campaigns must work harder to reach your community wherever they are: out and about on campus through digital signage or virtually via email, social media, and websites. Apogee Campus Engagement Services help you tailor your campaign content, messaging, and channels to resonate with and reach your diverse community. Through more than 20 years of exclusive higher education focus, 800+ campaigns, and a 95% customer retention rate, we’ve never stopped learning and applying insights to help you speak directly to the unique wants and needs of your campus community. Plus, with a level of institutional knowledge rivaled only by your own, you can count on Apogee to consistently reflect your vision, mission, and goals as a true extension of your team.

Apogee funds paid Student Ambassadors to help extend your team even further and to ensure your content is relevant and authentic. Your Student Ambassadors gain valuable real-life work experience building and measuring high-performing campaigns.

While the importance and value of your campus engagement campaigns increase, the fundamental objectives remain the same. Creating fun, interactive campaigns that attract attention and conversation, like photo contests, live virtual events with curated hashtags, or online lip sync battles, can help entertain and drive community. Meanwhile, it’s your job to make sure important campus information or updates make their way to the people that need to hear them. It’s critical to make sharing information across multiple channels simple with a message that’s truly authentic.

Apogee Campus Engagement Services deliver what no other firm can provide — a powerful content curation and campaign management service complemented by Apogee higher education marketing experts. With little to no IT involvement required, we manage every step of the process on your behalf, from campaign portal setup to campaign measurement, including campaign and sentiment analytics. An Apogee paid Student Ambassador, appointed by you, helps ensure relevancy and authenticity of content. Partnering with Apogee improves the performance of your campaigns while freeing up time for you to focus on your school’s strategic priorities.

Inspire diverse voices to speak out
and unite your community.

An effective campus engagement campaign can help break down departmental and organizational silos common to campus community life. As social distancing guidelines are implemented and individual voices seek to connect with each other, those silos may already begin to fall. Creating a strong sense of community and inclusiveness — as a cure for feelings of isolation — means making it easy for diverse voices in dispersed locations to be heard. Offering your many stakeholders – different departments, clubs, associations, athletics teams – simple, accessible tools for information-sharing is essential.

Apogee Campus Engagement Services provide an easy-to-use platform that seamlessly amplifies voices from every corner of your campus community through multi-channel, multi-device campaigns. From computers and smartphones, to on-campus digital signage, Apogee Cable TV, IPTV and the web, we deliver powerful tools any department, team or group can use to advance their message campus community wide. And with Apogee experts managing your brand standards and guidelines on your behalf, published content and messaging stay consistently true to your brand.




  • Exclusively focused on higher education.
    Apogee Campus Engagement Services are hardwired to specifically serve the needs of college and university leaders and the students, faculty and staff they serve.
  • 800+ campaigns and counting!
    Apogee has managed hundreds of campaigns for 75+ institutions, from large to small, from private to public, and for departments from residence life to sports to student groups.
  • Tailored for your campus.
    Ideate, deliver, and measure campaigns and content to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students about on and off campus activities aligned with strategic goals.


  • Integrate multiple mediums and channels.
    Span digital signage, the web, social media, email and more – enhanced by Apogee marketing support to enable an unrivaled campus engagement experience.
  • Get help with creative.
    Leverage a contracted amount of design services, video editing, and other creative work to ease the demands on your internal marketing team.
  • Measure results.
    Know who is engaging, where they are, and how they feel with integrated campaign analytics.

Apogee Campus Engagement Services provide campaign social media analytics to measure activity over time, active hours, and user demographics.


  • Enjoy dedicated support.
    From onboarding, implementation, delivery of service, to ongoing maintenance—with guaranteed response times.
  • Empower stakeholders.
    Your school-branded content curation portal makes it easy for diverse campus stakeholders to quickly submit content and connect with other students, groups, departments, or teams on and off campus.
  • Provide students with learning opportunities.
    We train and support Student Ambassadors who learn and grow helping the Apogee team create content that resonates because of their intimacy with the campus community.


  • Democratize content while retaining control.
    Assign access privileges as you see fit, reducing overhead and churn for improved ROI.
  • Take a “broccoli and cake” approach.
    Showcase the voice and messages of essential campus information (the “broccoli”) as well as the fun and engaging parts of campus and student life (the “cake”).
  • Achieve high ROI.
    Arrange investment level and access with a single department or across multiple departments.

Examples of virtual social media campaigns to drive engagement on- and off-campus.

Download Brochure (PDF)
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