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September 9, 2021

An Open Letter from the New Apogee CEO

By: Scott Drossos

“I founded Apogee in 1998 at the age of 21. I’ve been fortunate to have the ability to see what’s next and motivate brilliant people to join our cause to help higher ed succeed. Today marks an important milestone in the history of Apogee. I am delighted to announce that Scott Drossos is taking on the role of CEO as I take a step back to serve as Chairman to focus on setting the agendas for the board so we can invest faster and smarter in how we bring value to our customers and higher ed.”

– Charles “Chuck” Brady, Founder and Chairman

I would like to thank Chuck for trusting me to lead Apogee into the future. I have big shoes to fill, and with Chuck’s continued support, I am confident that we will take Apogee to new heights.

Apogee is the managed technology services provider of choice for innovative colleges and universities that are passionate about student success and solving the big challenges the world faces. We are so proud to touch over 1,000,000 college and university students and administrators each day and have helped over 400 institutions deliver better student, faculty, and staff connectivity experiences, while unlocking precious IT time to drive innovation for the next era of higher education.

The ability of Apogee to deliver world class services to our clients has been a true team effort. I am honored to inherit a talented and exceptional team that has grown to over 250 members, each motivated by our mantra: Higher ed is our higher purpose.

But our story is still only beginning.

As we continue to grow Apogee to help higher ed transform during a time of unprecedented change and challenges, a focus on the customer experience and helping IT unlock time to innovate will empower us to deliver even more value to the higher ed community. With Chuck as Chairman and myself as CEO, we strike a powerful balance that will maximize our ability to execute on our goals, plan for the future, and build a world-class sustainable business focused on our customers’ success.

My promise to every Apogee team member is that I will work tirelessly to help each of you become the best version of yourselves and continue creating one of the best places to work. The reason for our customers’ success has always been about putting our team first, and I am committed to continuing to do so.

My promise to every customer is that I will work tirelessly to ensure Apogee delivers experiences that delight. We believe your goals are our goals. That your challenges are our challenges. Our day begins like yours, by asking how we can best leverage our resources and expertise to enrich the campus experience. With focus and determination backed by two decades of experience and expertise, we will work together to solve the challenges higher ed faces.

These challenges were brought to the surface during the pandemic – social justice and racial issues, the digital divide, affordability, accessibility, pedagogy and technology preparedness gaps, and outdated business models. Solutions for many of these issues will take time, but the commitment and willingness in the higher education community to face them head on is evident. Today’s Gen Z students are digital natives who care deeply about all these issues, and now technology is being looked at more holistically and playing a bigger role in strategic planning on campuses throughout the country.

We are so grateful for your business and are more energized than ever to help higher ed innovate to drive solutions to these myriad challenges. We believe our contributions add great value to our higher ed community and partners. We believe in the ethical business practices we have followed since day one. And we believe in fostering and ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through our hiring practices and partnerships.

You won’t find a company more dedicated to higher ed than Apogee. We’re helping colleges and universities holistically create and implement future-proof technology strategies and designs for campus IT service delivery that drive institutional and student success. This includes everything from world-class ResNet, Managed Campus, Campus Engagement, and HDTV and IPTV services, to tools like our State of Higher Ed Strategic Technology Planning Interactive Report that helps higher ed leaders uncover gaps and opportunities in their strategic plans as they look to build agile strategies for 2021 and beyond.

I am very excited about the future of higher ed and the opportunity to help write the next chapters of the Apogee story. Please follow Apogee on LinkedIn if you don’t already, and I can’t wait to meet you online or in person!

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Scott Drossos

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