August 13, 2019

Sophie White to Join AHECTA Board of Directors

Austin, TX – August 13, 2019 – Apogee, higher education’s largest provider of managed technology services, today announced that Sophie White would be representing the company on the Association for Higher Education Communications Technology Advancement (AHECTA) Board of Directors.

Sophie White, Campus Solutions Strategist for Apogee, will join AHECTA’s Board of Directors to aid strategy and planning for the AHECTA group. Incorporated in 1997, AHECTA represents both college institutions and corporate entities dedicated to the advancement of video in higher education. AHECTA’s mission is to “promote and develop the use of campus communication, cable, and video services as instructional, informational, and entertainment tools in Higher Education.”

“We are honored to have Sophie serve on our Board of Directors,” said Mayumi Hirtzel, AHECTA President. “Sophie’s fantastic ideas, thought leadership research, and experience working with many different institutions will provide an extremely valuable and fresh perspective.”

About Apogee

As higher education’s largest provider of managed technology services, Apogee helps colleges and universities transition to and excel in today’s digital era.  Its comprehensive Managed Campus Suite includes ResNet and Administrative network solutions that connect the campus to enhance learning outcomes, video that transforms the way students learn, and new digital engagement technologies that captivate students.  Partnering with Apogee enables schools to derive greater return on their IT investments and increases student satisfaction while achieving budget stability and predictability.  Find out why nine out of ten schools that choose to outsource ResNet and video chose to partner with apogee at