May 20, 2020

Apogee and Degree Analytics Partner to Improve University Student Campus Experience

Austin, TX –  With the goal of providing higher education actionable insights to improve student lives and help them succeed, Apogee, the only managed services provider solely focused on higher education, and university analytics platform provider Degree Analytics, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership. With this partnership, Apogee will bring cutting-edge university analytics capabilities to its suite of network managed services. For Degree Analytics, this marks an important milestone in their journey, enabling the company to tap into Apogee’s extensive 400-strong university partners network and more than 20 years of experience in higher education.

Apogee and Degree Analytics are strong believers in the power of analytics to deliver insights that help university leaders improve student outcomes and utilization of campus facilities and spaces. The partnership is a timely and important step empowering higher education institutions with tools and insights to help campuses reopen in Fall 2020 and ensure returning students are successful in the altered environment they will encounter. Now, administrators can take data-driven actions to drive social distancing guidelines, optimize facility usage, and encourage student success.

The Degree Analytics user-friendly web-based analytics platform derives insights from Wi-Fi and existing IT data and performs machine learning processes to drive student outcomes. Location Analytics uses anonymized Wi-Fi data and machine learning to provide analytics on facility utilization to help streamline campus operations and drive social distancing efforts. Apogee has integrated Degree Analytics capabilities in three areas: Managed Campus, Location Analytics Module (Campus Pulse) for Fall 2020 campus reopening, and ResNet Location Analytics.

I.  Managed Campus

Apogee’s Managed Campus is a menu of services supporting university administrative networks by significantly bolstering connectivity, IT service and support, and financial predictability. One of the menu items is the comprehensive Degree Analytics platform. A standard Managed Campus deployment features wired and wireless networking infrastructure, network access control (NAC), and next-gen security firewall with VPN. Additional services include internet bandwidth, cabling and infrastructure improvements, additional network monitoring, and after-hours and overflow helpdesk support.

II. Location Analytics (Campus Pulse) for Fall 2020 Campus Reopening

Understand the heartbeat of the campus to proactively make decisions to align and implement social distancing practices. For schools pursuing a strategy to reopen campuses in the fall, Apogee is offering a modular anonymized location analytics solution for a limited time to help guard the health and safety of a school’s on-campus community.

Deployed into the school’s existing campus Wi-Fi network, the module from Degree Analytics generates anonymized visualizations – heat maps – of space utilization and dwell times and can be used to gauge social distancing compliance on a space-by-space basis. Heat map insights can monitor and see potential trouble spots, enabling actions such as reducing occupancy through rescheduling or closure, driving enhanced communications around social distancing guidelines, or facilitating physical reconfiguration of spaces, greatly enhancing the safety of students and staff. The solution is one tool in an institution’s arsenal for establishing Fall 2020 reopening standards.

III. ResNet Location Analytics

Apogee Residential Network (ResNet) Location Analytics is part of the company’s premier ResNet services, a high-performing, reliable network capable of handling the spectrum of connected devices and bandwidth-hungry applications. ResNet Location Analytics is an anonymized analytics platform that provides actionable insights about facility utilization and student activities in the residence halls. The analytics platform includes: a web-hosted platform that provides a one-stop shop for macro-level location analytics, heatmaps and infographics for digestible trend oversight, easily programmable “behaviors” to track areas over time, and white-glove implementation of data and point-of-interest “zones” in residence halls as well as training and support.

Some of the newest features of Apogee’s ResNet services include single sign-on (SSO), eduroam, and personal area networks (PAN).

“With Apogee’s 20 years’ experience in higher education, we know data is one of the most valuable assets of any higher education institution. It’s the lifeblood of modern colleges and universities,” said Chuck Brady, founder and CEO of Apogee. “Degree Analytics delivers student and engagement insights, as well as heat map insights on campus facility and space utilization and traffic, enabling Apogee’s university partners to act on data to improve student outcomes and develop a mindful Fall 2020 reopening plan.”

According to Aaron Benz, Founder and CEO of Degree Analytics, “With our complementary focus on higher education, we’re delighted to have reached this milestone with Apogee. Degree Analytics insights can be infused into the very substantial suite of Apogee services to create even more value for higher ed institutions. This partnership will drive enhancements to our platform and expand our domestic presence.”


Degree Analytics solutions are now available through Apogee. For more information or to schedule a demonstration please contact Apogee at

About Apogee

Apogee is the only managed services provider with a sole focus on higher education. Fueled by a community of more than 1,000,000 students and administrators nationwide, Apogee’s 20 years of experience living and breathing higher education provides a unique understanding of the connection between technology and student vitality. The company is committed to redefining the student campus life experience. Visit Apogee at

About Degree Analytics

Degree Analytics is a university analytics platform that improves the student experience and on-time graduation rates by providing timely insights and automated personal attention. The company’s patent-pending analytics process derives insights from existing IT data to enhance student achievement through daily and weekly behavioral feedback. Visit Degree Analytics at



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