June 11, 2020

Apogee Statement on Equality

This is a painful moment for America, especially for black Americans who live with the threat of violence and injustice, for communities undermined by systemic racism, and for our country that has grappled with these issues for so long.

This moment is a call for all of us to really listen, to speak up, and to act to promote widespread change.

At Apogee, we believe that equity, respect, and compassion are central to the character of our company. We stand against injustice, police brutality, and violence, and we acknowledge the systemic racism and inequalities that exist.

We have channeled these beliefs into action. We have committed to building a foundation that will foster long-term conversations internally and externally on diversity and racial inclusion, starting by publishing a Diversity and Racial Equity Policy before the end of the year.

We believe education is a doorway to a fair and just society. Moments like this force us to confront not only our positive impact, good intentions, and aspirations, but our failures, too. Our passion for education is core to our company mission, and we look forward to partnering with our clients to make more progress in providing affordable and universal access to education to all Americans.