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Apogee Top 10 Higher Ed Predictions for 2022

Dec 16, 2021

It’s that time of year again – predictions time! These prediction posts are fun to pull together because we can take a step back and think about the future and play pundit for a bit. My colleague Matt Loecke and I made 10 predictions for higher ed last year, and we were grinning when we saw that we got 8 of them right, or, er, almost right. Read on and take a wager now on whether we nailed our predictions for 2022.


7 Reasons to Take the Apogee 1-Hour Online Short Course in December

Dec 07, 2021

To help you navigate and respond to the myriad challenges affecting higher ed IT teams today, we invite you to take just one hour this month and spend it with Apogee in our new free online short course, Unlock Time to Drive Higher Ed IT Innovation. December is a great time to take stock, focus on thinking about the future, and align your professional and personal goals for 2022.


Join Apogee at EDUCAUSE 2021 | Philadelphia, PA | October 26-29

Sep 23, 2021

Apogee is hard at work planning to ensure that every interaction you have with us at the EDUCAUSE 2021 Annual Conference will be delightful. It’s been a long time since we were able to gather with the higher ed IT community, and we are so looking forward to seeing you at the conference in Philadelphia or online. Read on to learn about our top 7 recommended conference sessions and the Apogee booth experience. See you in Philly!


Why Apogee Cares So Much About Blended Learning

Sep 02, 2021

We often get asked: “Why does Apogee care so much about blended learning? You’re an MSP, not an LMS or other learning tech company.” Great question! For two reasons: Apogee loves students and customers. Apogee knows how to unlock time. For real.


How To Avoid the Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Enrollment Success

Apr 15, 2021

In this guest post, Apogee Director of Business Development Jeanne Frawley draws on her more than 20 years of higher ed and sales experience to advise college enrollment professionals on how to avoid post-pandemic pitfalls during the 2021 recruiting season.


The Residence Hall Is Now A Classroom

Apr 01, 2021

Your residence halls are where most online learning is taking place now and where students will enhance their in-class experience after the pandemic is over, both in their rooms and in newly created learning and collaboration spaces. Modern Wi-Fi is key to delivering the new academic experiences, and there may be an opportunity to apply American Rescue Plan Act funds to this effort due to the changes in instructions your school has and will continue to implement.


ACE2021 Virtual Conference Recap

Mar 25, 2021

It’s conference season in higher ed, and one of the most important annual meetings for our industry just wrapped. ACE2021 was well worth the investment of time and money. I couldn’t attend all the sessions, but I want to recap the Top 5 I attended for those who didn’t have a conference pass or who may have missed these sessions. Links to recordings are included. Spoiler alert! The Apogee session is in the Top 5! And there’s a bonus #6 for us over-achievers.


Students Should Not Fund the Technology Gap

Feb 11, 2021

As drops in student enrollment and retention due to the pandemic continue to cause financial challenges for higher ed, it’s time to address some root causes of these beyond the pandemic. As institutions seek to diversify the student body – ethnically, geographically, socioeconomically – we must find the gaps and align resources to provide solutions. Socioeconomically vulnerable students are unable to fund one of these gaps – the technology gap – and we need to respond.


Top 10 Higher Ed Predictions for 2021

Jan 07, 2021

We’re all glad to put 2020 behind us. While there are hefty challenges ahead of us for the next months, there’s a bright light on the horizon. Highly effective vaccines are rolling out, in no small part from the contributions of higher education. And an incredible transformation of higher education has begun. If there’s been a silver lining to emerge from the disruption, it’s that colleges and universities everywhere have started to rethink the way education is delivered. Let’s dig into some predictions. Apogee has an exciting year ahead!


It’s Time to Rightsize

Dec 03, 2020

Today’s college students are true digital natives. They’d rather lose an arm than lose their internet connection. How will you innovate to meet their demands and the demands of a blended learning environment when your budget, time, and staff are constrained, and you’re on the brink of burnout from months of pandemic overwork and fatigue? Read on to learn about rightsizing.


The High-Stakes Role of IT in Blended Learning

Nov 19, 2020

The disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic compels us to too often focus on the shortcomings of our response. But there’s also a lot to celebrate for IT leaders and their teams now. Higher education has long thirsted for meaningful innovation, and we can see it on the horizon. The hard work isn’t over. You had 99 jobs even before the pandemic started, but now the leadership mantle has fallen to you. How will you take advantage of your new seat at the cabinet table?


Differentiate With A Blended Learning Strategy

Nov 12, 2020

In the months since the pandemic started, in your personal life, how many times have you caught yourself saying, “this is one change I hope sticks around”? We already see the massive potential for synchronous and asynchronous modalities to improve the traditional in-class experience. These changes are here to stay. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you, as an IT leader, can lead your institution’s differentiation strategy with blended learning.


Inspire New Levels of Collaboration in Online Learning

Nov 05, 2020

It’s too easy to accept that online learning is ineffective or produces poor levels of student engagement. We must innovate and improve online learning so it can contribute to an exceptional blended learning experience. In this blog post, we explore how the extent to which IT leaders collaborate and brainstorm with housing officers, provosts, and faculty will decide just how much progress can be made.


Online Learning as a Competitive Advantage

Oct 29, 2020

For small and medium colleges and universities, whose differentiation is centered on providing an intimate and highly collaborative experience, the current pandemic-driven environment feels especially dire. At Apogee, we believe blended learning is here to stay, and in our latest blog we explore why finding creative ways to move closer to a face-to-face dynamic online is an imperative.


Why online learning is so hard

Oct 22, 2020

In the more than 20 years Apogee has served higher ed, we’ve come to know that our most successful partnerships with schools are those closely aligned culturally, operationally, technologically, and financially. We’ll take a look at these four variables to break down the challenges of online learning.