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Case Study

Using “Cake” Content to Drive Engagement

November 30, 2017
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The University of New Hampshire had an active Campus Engagement network to showcase events on campus. The university wanted to ensure that students were ingesting the content and being informed about events and opportunities that would drive success. To do so, the university took Apogee’s broccoli and cake engagement model into account. The university wanted to ensure that students were eating their more nutritious, less digestible broccoli content by balancing it out with less nutritious, more digestible cake content.


Help the University of New Hampshire ensure that campaigns and content showcase an adequate balance of broccoli and cake.


Apogee’s Student Ambassador at the University of New Hampshire mentioned during a weekly stewardship call that he was involved with the newly formed Pup Club on campus. The Pup Club was a student-run organization in which members brought their pet dogs to central locations and let them play together. Apogee’s Content Coordinator suggested a social media feed to showcase the multitude of cute UNH dogs across campus and increase visibility for the Pup Club. The Student Ambassador coordinated with the Pup Club and worked with administrative contacts at the university to develop a hashtag. Then, Apogee set up a social media feed to aggregate Instagram and Twitter posts using #UNHPups. UNH students, faculty, and staff posted pictures of their dogs using the hashtag. Apogee’s content curation team curated posts for appropriateness based on guidelines predetermined with the university, then displayed approved posts on a social media feed that was distributed to digital signage across campus.


The Pup Club was able to increase its name recognition through the social media feed. Students, faculty, and staff posted pictures using the hashtag and were excited to see their posts showcased on the screens. UNH’s Health Services department was also able to post pictures of the department’s therapy dog and showcase the opportunities Health Services had to offer. As students walked by digital signage during their daily activities, they were attracted to the screens by pictures of dogs and Instagram and Twitter posts from their peers. Then, as the feed continued to run on digital signage, students were more likely to notice the broccoli content about academic opportunities and other essential components to success due to their interest in the #UNHPups feed.

“Integrating our social media posts with the UNHTV digital signage platform has vastly enhanced the visibility of our messaging. Now, students see approved posts from official UNH handles and pages displayed as they’re waiting in line for coffee or walking to class. The interactive hashtag campaigns have also helped solidify UNH’s sense of community by getting students excited about campus events, and we completely trust Apogee to curate content appropriately before it’s displayed on digital signage.”

– Jason Boucher, Manager of Social Media, University of New Hampshire

Download Case Study (PDF)
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