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ResNet / WiFi

A high-performing ResNet (Residential Network) is now a student expectation, not a luxury. Students and their parents are demanding robust wall-to-wall networks capable of not only handling many types of devices, but also a spectrum of bandwidth hungry applications.

Mitigate Risk
It’s Apogee’s job to keep an eye on user trends and anticipate increased technology demands on your network. With guaranteed service levels, even during peak periods, Apogee helps schools to offload the risks of costly infrastructure upgrades to keep up with bandwidth demand.

Enhance Connectivity
With a proven track record of providing high-speed Wi-Fi, Apogee can help analyze and improve connectivity in any residential environment – no matter how challenging.



“We found it difficult to maintain the high caliber of service that students wanted with our previous service provider, which has no real guarantee of bandwidth. Network delays were common, while students were increasingly expected to access wireless Internet which the school was not able to provide.”

Chuck Fuller, Assistant Vice President for Business Service,
University of North Texas.

Increased Staff Time & Focus

With enhanced network and support infrastructure for their students, Apogee partner schools have realized the importance of both time and manpower savings. These valuable resources have been redirected to accomplishing larger institutional objectives and projects.

Satisfied Student Demand

Students today are accustomed to high-speed networks with greater mobility and bandwidth than ever before. Apogee provides guaranteed bandwidth, unrestricted access and full gaming and network support to students while maintaining steady and predictable costs.

Wall-to-Wall Wireless

Student demand for mobile connectivity is skyrocketing. With a wireless solution by Apogee, you can extend your ResNet to all areas of your residence halls, surpassing growing student expectations and providing a critical amenity to attract residents.

Expert 24-Hour Support

Our locally managed support teams offer around-the-clock network support for the devices students are bringing to campus. From tablets to game consoles, it’s not just about desktop and laptop computers anymore.

Enhanced Network Protection

Ensure the security and reliability of your students’ network with Apogee’s professional installation, extensive testing, and 24-hour network monitoring.

A Strategic Plan for Growth

Lay a foundation for future growth by partnering with Apogee. Our team can help your school create efficiencies, stabilize costs and adapt to the latest trends, all while providing the highest service and support levels to your students.