• Campus Life

Student Centric

Today’s students have never known a world without the internet. Their expectations are high, and their needs are complex. Is your campus in touch with these demands and prepared to meet them?  Apogee has its finger on the pulse of ever-evolving, technologically advancing student connectivity issues and is ready to help.

Cultivating an Environment Where Students Thrive

Apogee was founded in a residential hall to cater specifically to student needs. It’s the first company to design, implement and run network services exclusively for student residences.

Understanding Student Usage

Ability to proactively anticipate and minimize crises before they occur.

Sharing Institutional Values

Just like the higher education institutions it serves, Apogee’s ultimate goal is to foster the potential of every student.

Fostering Students

Apogee’s technology provides an at-home wireless and entertainment experience, critical amenities that every student and parent has now come to expect.