• Ready For Tomorrow

Future Ready

Apogee can help you lay the foundation for future growth. Through a network partnership with Apogee, campuses create efficiencies, stabilize cost and continuously adapt the latest technologies to provide the most advanced network service, video solutions, and support for student residents.

Planning, Measurement and Analysis

In the fast-evolving world of higher education technology, it can be hard to catch up.  Apogee helps universities lay out a predictable roadmap, helping schools stay on track and on budget in an uncertain technological environment.

Built to Thrive On Change

Apogee helps campuses anticipate and prepare for future needs and future technological developments — so that universities are not scrambling to respond to unexpected infrastructure demands or after hours outages

Keeping You Ahead of What’s Next

As the number and variety of devices on campus grow exponentially, Apogee brings its track record and industry expertise to partner schools.  This includes a portfolio of best practices and game-changing ideas to keep our partners ahead of the technological curve.