• Take Control

Cost Control

As demands for campus technology becoming increasingly more complex and costly, colleges and universities need a way to stabilize this while providing a high-performing solution to ensure student recruitment, retention, and satisfaction. Apogee combats these rapidly rising costs by creating scalable solutions that stay ahead of quickly developing technology and changing student preferences.

Predictable Funding Models


Apogee helps universities stay ahead of connectivity demands and shifting trends by developing predictable funding models while still innovating into the future.

Competitive Advantage


We’ve been exclusive to higher education for over 20 years – giving us deep industry knowledge on the uniqueness of your campus. Every service we provide is built on teaching, learning, research and the university experience in mind – ensuring that we’re an important partner in achieving your strategic plan.

Saves Time & Manpower


Our solutions further reduce manpower required by your team to address compliance, security, support, monitoring, and curation. This frees up your staff to focus on mission-critical goals of the institution, further driving cost and labor efficiencies.