• IPTV Service

Revolutionizing Campus TV

Residential Life is paramount to driving student success. Studies show that students who live on campus have higher GPAs, participate in more co-curricular activities and have a higher graduation rate. Therefore, it’s important to provide the amenities students are used to receiving at home while on campus. The modern student is accustomed to rich media that is available anywhere and tailored to fit their needs. Apogee’s Stream2 service is the next generation IPTV service created specifically for your campus.


Reduced Bandwidth Consumption & Cost Avoidance


Stream2 is built inside your campus network to deliver high quality, premium broadcast without consuming external bandwidth. This significantly reduces bandwidth consumption and costs.

Better Viewing Experience


Our streamlined technology makes for a more reliable, high-quality experience without slowing down your network.



Stream2’s app and interface are custom-branded for your school, utilizing your school logo, colors and iconic campus images to give students, faculty and staff true school pride.

Campus Content


Stream2 is built for students and higher education. Our mission is to drive student engagement, success and to enhance the academic experience. Stream2 integrates with our Engage platform to collect and curate social media, videos, academic content and flyers. Once approved the content plays across Stream2 and can be integrated with digital signage, helping build a stronger campus community.


Trick Play & DVR


Students can pause, rewind, fast-forward, record and even start shows from the beginning. Features also include catch-up TV with a 24-hour window of replayable content and 20 hours of DVR storage per user.

Premium Content


Stream2’s turnkey solution provides the latest and greatest in premium programming. Unlike dealing with third-party content providers, Apogee works with you to create the perfect line-up to meet your needs.



These great features and benefits are all provided under Apogee’s proven 24/7/365 support model, giving your students and staff the support they need, when they need it.