• IPTV Revolutionized

Fostering the student experience through technology


Stream2 integrates both entertainment and university content with social media outlets to create a seamless, all-in-one experience that reflects the way today’s students live and consume content.

Our university-branded application streams HD quality live TV and video across all of your student’s mobile devices

By using cutting-edge technology, Stream2 ensures the highest quality viewing experience without slowing down your network.

Stream2’s turnkey solution provides the latest and greatest in premium programming.  We work directly with schools to choose the line-up that fits their needs.

Stream2 uses OrcaTV’s revolutionary content platform, giving students and faculty the ability to produce and distribute rich content across campus, building a sense of community and vastly enhancing the student experience.


These great features and benefits are all provided under Apogee’s proven 24/7 premium support model, giving your students the support they need when they need it.

Campus Content

Stream2 is customized for each campus, and tailored to deliver individual universities with curated student/faculty campus content that drives engagement and retention. Since it requires no in-room equipment or set top boxes, making the switch is a cost-effective and simple process.

Drive Student Engagement

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