Social Media as a Service

The volume of social media accounts is growing exponentially making it more difficult to be discovered and heard. Apogee’s Social Media as a Service (SMaaS) helps universities manage their social media more effectively to drive student engagement, success, and awareness.


Homecoming, orientation, graduation, guest speakers and university traditions now have dedicated hashtags and handles. Our content team works closely with your university leaders and students to showcase your events across digital signage, Cable TV, IPTV, and websites driving engagement and participation.

Using Snapchat to Engage Students

Are you trying to showcase your career center’s services more? Or perhaps you need help showcasing the diversity office. Apogee’s SMaaS helps university leaders get discovered by showcasing their social media in prominent locations across campus.

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How successful was your social media campaign or initiative? Apogee’s team provides periodic analytics for each event or initiative demonstrating the value and outcome in measurable terms.

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