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Devices Growth VS. 24/7 Support

Wi-Fi connected devices grew by 300% in 2012 and 2013 (Apogee).
EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel named the “device explosion” it’s No. 1 issue of 2013.


iPhones 445%
Android 272%
Nintendo 3DS & Smart TVs 1000%
iPad 275%
Android tablets 159%


But less than 15% of schools provide 24/7 support (ResNet Surveys)


Year Percentage of schools offering 24/7 support
2012 9%
2013 12%
2014 13%
2015 24.5%

In-House Vs. Outsourced


In House Outsourced
Provide 24/7 support 9% 68%
Need to implement bandwidth management 79% 21%


Outsourcing Growth


• 2X growth from 2013-2015 (ACUTA ResNet Survey 2015)



Trends in 2015


  • 802.11ac wireless networking standard – EDUCAUSE’s Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2015
  • Top IT Issues 2015 (EDUCAUSE)
    Developing IT funding models that sustain core service and support innovation; Improving student outcomes through approaches that leverage technology; Demonstrating the business value of IT and how technology and IT organization can help the institution achieve it’s goals; Increasing IT’s capacity for managing change, despite differing community needs, priorities and abilities; Providing user support in the “new normal”, encompassing mobile, online education, cloud and bring-your-own environments;
  • Wi-Fi is one of 10 most disruptive technologies in higher education (Huffington Post, 2014)


2014 National Survey of Computing and Information Services in Higher Education:

  • Although CIOs andsenior IT officers representing 70 percent of the institution in the survey identify “implementing/supporting mobile computing” as a top institutional priority over the next three years, less than a fifth (17 percent) rate mobile services at their institution as “excellent”.
  • Reacting to rising costs for mobile and a sense of “digital entitlement” among students, some campuses are restricting student “uber-user” access to the campus network

Huffington Post: Campus Wi-Fi is an important decision factor when students select a school


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