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Powering Up Student Engagement & Satisfaction – 5 Proven Benefits from Apogee’s Campus Life Channel

January 10, 2017

AUSTIN, TX – January 10, 2017 – Universities throughout the United States are powering up student engagement and satisfaction in unprecedented ways, thanks in part to Apogee’s Campus Life Channel (CLC). Schools such as John Hopkins, Clemson University, Michigan State University, the University of New Hampshire, and George Mason University are leveraging Campus Life Channel to improve school-to-student communications, boost school pride and participation, highlight social issues, and even drive attendance to events.

Apogee’s Campus Life Channel, arguably the most comprehensive, customized and curated student engagement tool available today, is an innovative digital platform that enables universities to spotlight student enjoyment on campus by collecting and curating all social media, videos and flyers, and then displaying them via a dedicated channel across cable TV, IPTV and digital signage.

As a result of using CLC, universities have reported a myriad of quantifiable and qualitative results. Below are five proven benefits and examples from respective schools:

  1. Improves School-to-Student Communications, Creating Positive Perceptions and Satisfaction

Using CLC to highlight its creative “Best Room on Campus” competition, Clemson University reported vast improvement in student communications and satisfaction. South Carolina-based Clemson, ranked No. 23 among all public universities by U.S. News & World Report, ran a social media feed highlighting the contest, in which students shared pictures of their rooms in the residence halls. Faculty, staff, and students voted for their favorite rooms, and winners received prizes like a free semester of housing, a free meal plan, and early-move-in.

  1. Boosts School Pride and Participation During Celebratory Events

With its 150th Anniversary celebration underway this school year, the University of New Hampshire has found the Campus Life Channel to be instrumental to the celebration, increasing event participation and boosting school pride. Campus Life Channel is running a social media feed featuring #UNH150 the whole year and hosting a “students through the ages” project which features the #UNH150 feed on a screen in the library throughout the Fall 2016 semester.

  1. Increases Student Involvement and Ties to the Larger Community

For the second year, CLC played a key role in Pace University’s annual Pace4Kids fundraiser, increasing attendance and encouraging participant social media interaction. The private University’s Pleasantville, NY, campus hosts the 8-hour dance marathon to support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Maria Fareri Children’s hospital. Campus Life Channel set up a social media feed that was displayed on a screen at the event showing real-time, approved social media posts from participants. The slogan, “We dance for the kids who can’t,” saw 95 posts from the event.

Alyssa Barbuti, event marketing and communications director, said, “We worked with Apogee to display Instagram and Twitter posts from Pace4Kids on digital signage around Campus. By screening the feed at the event, dance marathon participants immediately saw their Instagram and Twitter posts. It encouraged social media interaction. We were thrilled our event raised $18,785.42!”

  1. Increases Attendance at Events

The Johns Hopkins University Student Government was interested in increasing voter turnout for their freshman elections at the beginning of the school year. Apogee worked with the JHU Student Ambassador to foster communications with the Student Senate and create a fair campaign process. Apogee created a PowerPoint template that the candidates could fill out and distribute through the Campus Life Channel. 23 students submitted candidate profiles, and there was a 69% percent increase in voter turnout after 443 students voted in 2015 and 747 voted in 2016. Aside from also posting on Facebook and word-of-mouth, the Student Senate’s advertising efforts from 2015 to 2016 were almost the same – except that in 2016 the Student Senate advertised using the Campus Life Channel.

“This year we had a record turnout for voting, which was largely due to the candidate profiles being seen on the CLC screens. The freshmen don’t necessarily know each other, and other than word of mouth, advertisements are the most effective way to campaign. Compared to previous years we noticed a lot more people voting and running, a lot of which could be attributed to the ads running on CLC. We’re planning to run a similar CLC campaign for the upperclassman elections in March.”

– Rahul Naik, Johns Hopkins University Student Government Member and Apogee Student Ambassador

  1. Highlights Social Issues on Campus 

For Fairfax, Virginia-based George Mason University, CLC plays a key role in highlighting issues involved in the university’s ongoing social good campaign. Every year, George Mason students in the “Contemporary PR and Social Media” course create video campaigns focused on socially-relevant concerns on campus – concerns such as body image, illegal Adderall use, and campus sexual assault. Students research their topics, then work to perfect their messaging and storyboard videos. This year, Campus Life Channel distributed the completed videos to over 60 digital signs on campus via George Mason’s cableTV headend, informing the student body about important issues facing their demographics.

“We live in an era where evolving technologies are empowering modern schools to vastly improve student engagement, satisfaction and connectivity in ways that administrators could never have imagined when they were college students,” said Chuck Brady, CEO of Apogee. “With Campus Life Channel, Apogee is proud to help schools fully leverage an innovative digital platform to bolster school spirit and heighten awareness of shared experiences.”

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