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Four More SUNY Schools Select Apogee – Bringing Total SUNY Partnerships to 21

September 24, 2015

AUSTIN, TX  – Apogee, higher education’s largest residential network (ResNet) & video provider, announced today a major expansion of its partnership with State University of New York (SUNY), the nation’s largest comprehensive university system. Apogee has been selected by four more SUNY schools – SUNY Canton, Cobleskill, Delhi and Potsdam. These schools join 17 other SUNY institutions that partner with a proven industry leader to provide innovative content solutions and a wide-ranging suite of services tailored to today’s and tomorrow’s college students.

After experiencing increasing frustration with declining service from their previous provider, these SUNY schools have turned to Apogee for its commitment and ability to meet and exceed their higher educational needs.

“Given Apogee’s successful track record within the SUNY system, we know our decision to select Apogee is a timely and essential move, allowing us to further evolve to meet the growing demands of our students, stay ahead technologically and to protect student retention in campus housing,” said Kyle Brown, CIO at SUNY Potsdam & Canton “We bid farewell to subpar service and limited support from big cable companies, and look forward to bringing our students the best in wifi and support services that are available in higher education today.”

Initiating this fall 2015 school year, SUNY Canton, Delhi and Potsdam students will now benefit from the following Apogee services:

  • High-speed networks with greater mobility, unrestricted access and bandwidth
  • Wall-to-wall wireless access that extends to more common areas, including laundry and game rooms
  • 24-hour support and troubleshooting by phone, email, chat and text
  • Around-the-clock network support for all student devices including desktops, laptops, PDAs and DVRs
  • Dedicated full-time Apogee coordinator to provide on-site student support
  • Enhanced network protections, testing and 24-hour network monitoring

SUNY Cobleskill will also offer its students Apogee’s high-quality distribution of Video-over-IP, including all-digital, HD, and DVR packages, and custom channel lineups.

“We are honored to welcome the addition of these four prestigious schools amongst our established SUNY partnerships,” said Chuck Brady, chief executive officer of Apogee. “We believe that our latest clients, like their SUNY peers, will come to rely on Apogee’s commitment to technological excellence to lay the foundation for their students’ academic success and quality of life. Together, we look forward to fostering an environment where students thrive, and to help fulfill the potential of every SUNY student.”

About Apogee
Apogee is the largest, most innovative provider of on-campus residential networks (ResNet) & video solutions in higher education. Partnering with Apogee for ResNet services allows colleges and universities to enhance their network infrastructure while offloading the growing volume of administrative responsibilities associated with managing a student network. This partnership allows IT, Business and Housing Officers to focus on the mission-critical tasks of the university. Find out why nine out of 10 schools that outsource their ResNet choose Apogee at

About SUNY
The State University of New York is the largest comprehensive university system in the United States, with 64 institutions, including research universities, academic medical centers, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, colleges of technology and an online learning network. We educate approximately 463,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs, and nearly 2 million in workforce and professional development programs. Our nearly 3 million SUNY alumni are located around the globe, each making their own unique impact. For more information about SUNY, visit

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