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Apogee Replaces National ISP at Genesee Community College

Jan 19, 2012

Austin, TX & Batavia, NY

Apogee, the nation’s largest provider of managed residential network (ResNet) services for higher education, today announced a partnership with Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY to deploy comprehensive ResNet services to the school’s roughly 400 on-campus residents. The decision to partner with Apogee follows several years of service offered by a regional cable provider.

“The network services that were put in place by the cable provider just didn’t meet the needs of Genesee’s residential community,” said Chuck Brady, Apogee CEO. “As robust wireless coverage and support for network-enabled mobile devices become a necessity on campus, we’re seeing that many of the solutions offered by large, mass-market ISPs who don’t have an exclusive focus on ResNet just no longer cut it.”

According to John Sisson, director of Genesee’s College Village residences, the move to a specialized ResNet provider was part of a strategic investment in the success of Genesee’s student population.

“The number one goal of the GCC Foundation is student success [and] this new network upgrade greatly assists our residents in becoming successful students,” said John Sisson, director of College Village.

Prior to the transition, GCC students experienced only limited wireless coverage and shared bandwidth access within each unit. Immediately after the the switch last December, students began enjoying dense capacity wireless coverage throughout every residential housing community, as well as comprehensive network access with dedicated bandwidth per user. Residents also benefit from live 24-hour network support accessible by phone, email or text message, as well as expanded VoIP phone and cable television choices.

“The wireless internet is working flawlessly so far,” said Kaileigh Domster, a resident assistant at College Village. “I love that I can connect my personal laptop to the network and not have any connection issues.”

The need for reliable network access on campus extends beyond campus living to academics, said Domster.

“It’s imperative that we can connect with our professors for any last minute questions regarding final papers or final exams,” Domster added.

About Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College is located outside the Upstate New York city of Batavia and nestled amid the scenic villages and farmland of the Genesee Region. Since its founding in 1966 as part of the prestigious State University of New York, Genesee has become one of the most highly-respected community colleges in the United States. For more information, visit www.genesee.edu.

About Apogee

Apogee is the largest, most innovative provider of on-campus residential networks (ResNet) in higher education. Partnering with Apogee for ResNet services allows colleges and universities to enhance their network infrastructure while offloading the growing volume of administrative responsibilities associated with managing a student network. This partnership allows IT to focus on the mission-critical tasks of the university, such as growing the enterprise network and facilitating the development and use of e-learning tools and content. For more information about Apogee and its services, visit www.apogee.us.

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