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Apogee Partner George Mason University Featured in EDUCAUSE Review

September 18, 2017

Austin, TX, and Fairfax, VA, September XX, 2017 Apogee, higher education’s largest provider of managed technology services, was recently featured in EDUCAUSE Review by partner school, George Mason University as a vital part of their eight-year strategic plan initiative to advance digital communications for student engagement and success. By partnering with Apogee, Mason proactively leveraged various communication platforms such as social media, mobile, digital signage, cable TV, their dedicated Campus Life Channel and MasonReady app to foster a well-informed and highly engaged campus.

The article, titled “Digital Engagement for Campus Communication,” was written by J. Thomas Hennessey Jr., Chief of Staff Emeritus at Mason. Hennessey shared that as Virginia’s largest public research university with 34,000 students, Mason understood the importance of sharing success-related content while managing content bombardment. Since its 2009 selection of Apogee to manage digital signage with a focus on emergency notification and revenue creation, the partnership has evolved into the management of a seamless, innovative system where curated school and student social media, videos, flyers, and live events are delivered digitally via social platforms such as mobile, digital signage, and cable infrastructure.

“George Mason’s long-term partnership with Apogee has provided us with benefits beyond our expectations,” said Hennessey. “Feedback from students is that they see the TV screens and digital signs as a go-to place for the latest updates on campus happenings. Before, George Mason managed content internally and received about 30 static images a month; now we curate over 3,000 social posts, flyers, and videos a month.”

In addition to reporting clear results on student engagement, Hennessey shared his experience with outsourcing to Apogee: “By choosing an outsourced partner, we saved more than $300,000 over in-house costs. We also experienced a stronger service continuity plan, 24/7 onsite and remote IT support as well as freed up staff time to focus on other mission-critical goals.”

In this feature article, Hennessey also delved at length on the following:

  • Shapes and sizes of today’s digital engagement platforms
  • The importance and examples of social media campaigns in their overall engagement plan
  • The importance and examples of mobile initiatives in their overall plan
  • Mason’s new Student Ambassador Program to employ a student to serve as the school’s direct link and connector to other students
  • Tracking and measuring success
  • Cost of maintaining and supporting such systems

“George Mason’s innovative use of technology and digital communications serves as an excellent model for other universities in our region and beyond,” said John O’Brien, Regional Vice President of Apogee. “As Mason’s long-term strategic partner for digital engagement, Apogee is proud of our joint accomplishments over the years. It’s been a deeply gratifying experience for our team to have helped pioneer and shape evolving digital communications platforms, significantly increased student engagement and success, and provided our partner with substantial cost savings.”

J. Thomas Hennessey’s full article titled “Digital Engagement for Campus Communication” was published on August 28, 2017 in EDUCAUSE Review and can be read here.

About George Mason University
George Mason University is an innovative, entrepreneurial institution with global distinction in a range of academic fields. Located in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C., Mason provides students access to diverse cultural experiences and the most sought-after internships and employers in the country. Mason offers strong undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering and information technology, organizational psychology, health care and visual and performing arts. With Mason professors conducting groundbreaking research in areas such as climate change, public policy and the biosciences, George Mason University is a leading example of the modern, public university. George Mason University—Where Innovation Is Tradition.

About Apogee

As higher education’s largest provider of managed technology services, Apogee helps colleges and universities transition to and excel in today’s digital era. Its comprehensive Managed Campus Suite includes ResNet and Administrative network solution that connect the campus to enhance learning outcomes, video that transforms the way students learn, and new digital engagement technologies that captivate students. Partnering with Apogee enables schools to derive greater return on their IT investments and increases student satisfaction while achieving budget stability and predictability. Find out why nine out of 10 schools that choose to outsource ResNet and video choose to partner with Apogee at

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