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Apogee Introduces ResCore™, Essential Network Services for Less than the Price of a Latte

Nov 07, 2012

ResCore™ Delivers Competitive ResNet Services and 24-Hour Support With Zero Capital Investment

Austin, TX – November 7, 2012

Apogee, the nation’s largest provider of managed residential network (ResNet) services to higher education, today announced the launch of ResCore™, a transformative new product offering that provides competitive network services for on-campus residents without significantly impacting IT expenditures or capital resources.

As IT departments across the country are challenged to do more with limited resources, ResCore™ enables schools to deliver exceptional network service and support while saving time and resources for the areas where they’re needed the most.

With ResCore™, schools benefit from:

  • 24/7/365 Student Support
  • Stable & Reliable Network Speeds
  • An On-Site Support Technician
  • Mobile Device Support (BYOD)
  • Move-In Support
  • Online Account Dashboard & Live Support
  • DMCA, RIAA, FERPA & CALEA Compliance


Apogee’s core set of network services are designed to scale to the needs of each campus, allowing colleges and universities to meet current demand on the residential network while still providing room for future growth.

“ResCore™ is one of the most exciting services we’ve ever launched,” said Chuck Brady, Apogee CEO. “As the nation’s largest student network, Apogee has been able to achieve an economy of scale that allows us to offer this service at a price point that simply cannot be achieved through self operation. With ResCore™ we’re able to leverage that value, providing premium service and support on campus for less than the price of a latte per bed.”

About ResCore™

ResCore™ is an essential set of managed services that allows schools to provide exceptional network service and support, while saving time and capital for the areas where they’re needed most. By implementing ResCore™ for student residents, colleges and universities are able to meet current demand on the residential network while still providing room for future growth. For more information about Apogee’s ResCore™ service offering, visit www.apogee.us/rescore.

About Apogee

Apogee is the nation’s largest, most innovative provider of on-campus residential networks (ResNet) in higher education. Partnering with Apogee for ResNet services allows colleges and universities to enhance their network infrastructure while offloading the growing volume of administrative responsibilities associated with managing a student network. This partnership allows IT to focus on the mission-critical tasks of the university, such as growing the enterprise network and facilitating the development and use of e-learning tools and content. For more information about Apogee and its services, visit www.apogee.us.

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