Interactive Report: The State of Higher Ed Strategic Technology Planning

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The Apogee Brand and Identity

By almost any measure, Apogee has reached a “leadership moment.”

In a world where change and innovation in technology are happening at almost breakneck speed, creating as many problems as opportunities
for the campuses that rely on it – skyrocketing bandwidth demand, high expectations for pervasive wireless coverage, and a flood of mobile devices
pouring onto the network creating an exponential number of connections per user – colleges and universities are increasing looking to vision
and leadership from outside sources to help find solutions for the future.

More than any other company in the nation, Apogee is positioned to create a new model for technological advancement in higher education. Since 2001,
Apogee has single-handedly carved out and advanced the industry of ResNet outsourcing, emerging as the number one provider in the nation for
advanced networking services.

To make this happen, every member of the Apogee team shares a common purpose – enabling technology growth and innovation
for higher education so that they, in turn, can do the work of expanding opportunities for students.

As we move into this new stage in the growth of our company, it’s important that we embrace an evolving framework for how we think
and communicate about the company, it’s image, and the solutions we offer to higher education.


Identifying the Company


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