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Residential Networks

Students who live on campus have historically participated more in co-curricular activities and achieve higher GPAs.  Of the 250+ strategic plans Apogee has researched, nearly all of them have a focus on residential life and its importance to their university goals.

Apogee is the premier provider of Residential Network (ResNet) services – practically pioneering the space in higher education nearly 20 years ago. In order to attract, retain, and keep students on campus, we provide a high performing, wall-to-wall network capable of not only handling connected devices, but also a spectrum of bandwidth-hungry applications.

Apogee provides guaranteed service levels, especially during peak periods, helping university leaders offload the costly risk of infrastructure upgrades to keep up with the ever-changing technology demands. With a proven track record, Apogee provides high-speed managed Wi-Fi to a range of residential halls old and new exceeding the at-home technology expectation, on campus.

“We found it difficult to maintain the high caliber of service that students wanted with our previous service provider, which has no real guarantee of bandwidth. Network delays were common, while students were increasingly expected to access wireless Internet which the school was not able to provide.”

Chuck Fuller, Assistant Vice President for Business Service,
University of North Texas.

Exceeding Student Demand


Students today are accustomed to high-speed networks with greater mobility and bandwidth than ever before. With the student experience – academic and entertainment – moving online, the need for reliable, fast Wi-Fi has only increased. Apogee provides guaranteed speeds and bandwidth, giving unrestricted access and full gaming support.


Financial Predictability


Funding technology and innovation are challenging. Knowing when and how to invest in an ever-evolving technology adds stress to any institution. As higher education’s largest managed ResNet provider, we take advantage of our global view of trends and behaviors to help create a predictable funding model for Wi-Fi refreshes. We achieve predictability by guaranteeing service levels in all of our engagements.


Extension of your team


With enhanced network and support infrastructure for your residents, Apogee universities have realized the importance of both time and manpower savings. These valuable resources have been shifted to accomplishing larger strategic initiatives.


Wi-Fi Everywhere


Modern devices don’t even have Ethernet anymore. Pervasive Wi-Fi is now a minimal requirement to engage your residents. With a wireless service by Apogee, your ResNet will extend to all areas of a residence hall, exceeding student expectations.


Network Security


Ensure the security and reliability of your students’ network with Apogee’s professional installation, extensive testing, and 24-hour network monitoring.


24/7/365 Support


Our locally managed support teams offer around-the-clock network support for the devices students are bringing to campus. From tablets to game consoles, to smart-devices and laptops, we continuously educate our support team to be knowledgeable of devices students are bringing to campus.