• Innovative & Reliable

Managed Campus

With the success of our Residential Network (ResNet) Services, several of our customers reached out to us to provide the same level of service, predictability, and security to the rest of campus. As universities look to innovate into the future, their strategic initiatives are focused more on the applications that drive teaching, learning, living, and research rather than the infrastructure to support it. IT leaders and business officers choose Apogee because our end-to-end service from planning to implementation to daily operation. Once managed by us, universities realize significant value on their network being one of the important foundations for achieving their strategic plan.


Strategy & Governance


Strategy defines capabilities and plans associated with how organizational IT goals and objectives are translated into operational plans.

The strategy is supported by Governance, which includes how decisions are made, what controls and processes are in place, measuring accountabilities, and initiating change or innovation.

Program & Change Management


Apogee facilitates successful project implementation and partners with on-campus administrators to ensure transparency and accountability of both the Apogee and client engagement delivery resources and teams.

Implementation & Project Management


The Apogee Implementation & Project Management phase captures the technical survey, design, installation schedule, assignment of resources, alignment with client, access and facilities management, physical installations and infrastructure remediation, communications, and transition to managed services.

IT Financial & Operational Management


Apogee supports clients by assessing existing practices for departmental accounting for services to build a sustainable model for internal billing and cost management. We also assess how our solution will impact how IT manages its organization, systems, personnel, skills, and competencies to deliver and support services.

Technology & Service Delivery Design


Apogee works with the school to create customized service level agreements (SLA’s) per service area. Service levels are clearly defined to create accountability and drive performance reporting metrics.

Management & Operations


The Apogee Management & Operations departments define the ongoing efforts to deliver a quality user experience through our Field Services, Engineering, User Support & Client Services Teams.

Innovation & Growth


The Apogee Innovation element requires our team to stake out creative initiatives that drive value from the Apogee/University relationship back into the campus community.