Interactive Report: The State of Higher Ed Strategic Technology Planning

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Managed Campus

APOGEE MANAGED CAMPUS SERVICES deliver a core wired and wireless infrastructure, network access control (NAC), and a next-generation security firewall with VPN access. Underpinned by a predictable funding model, comprehensive support, and a diverse menu of secondary services such as location analytics and single sign-on (SSO), Apogee kills the pain of equipment refreshes and frees you up to focus on the priorities important to your on-campus community.


The get-it-done-now pressure to deliver synchronous learning – not as a convenient alternative but as a critical part of the education experience – has sped from zero to sixty in an instant. A loss of connectivity isn’t a temporary inconvenience, it’s a virtual body blow to any school struggling to attract, enroll, and retain students. Cast aside the old playbooks for success and rethink the way campus connectivity is designed, built, and managed. Apogee Managed Campus services deliver the essential building blocks of a successful network

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Building, managing, sustaining, and modernizing a highly segmented network is hard. Layer in the infrastructure demands created by a fresh surge in synchronous learning and the job feels too big to handle. But your role as a catalyst for higher education transformation can’t be overlooked. Outsource your network to a partner who truly gets it so you can overcome staff and expertise shortages and crush the many challenges that lay ahead.

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Apogee designs, builds, and manages highly available networks customized for your needs and optimized for performance and cost efficiency. Our innovation and future-proofing expertise combined with our flexibility and predictable funding model eliminate the pain of keeping your network modernized, with timely equipment refreshes and SLA-driven performance metrics built-in to ensure your network is always up-to-date and modernized.

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You have 99 jobs. Don’t let network infrastructure be one of them. Nothing grinds innovation to a halt faster than a technology problem that’s slow to be solved. Our on-site service and 24/7/365 online and phone support by highly trained experts based in Austin, Texas resolve network problems fast so you can keep innovating. Your dedicated Apogee client services manager communicates and collaborates with you to isolate and address challenges before they become big problems.


Apogee Managed Campus Services are flexible and include a core set of services to modernize and manage your network, along with a menu of secondary add-on services to suit your specific project needs. Core services reflect a typical Managed Campus customer engagement but have the flexibility to be scaled up or down as project or budget needs require. Apogee will work with you to plan your network needs.

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