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How to Unify a Multigenerational Campus

May 30, 2019

Four generations are now navigating the university experience together. Today’s freshman are the most digitally advanced and interacting with older generations working well into their 70s. Each generation has their own preferred communication style. This video identifies new ways to bring a multi-generational campus together.  


Greater Team Collaboration in Higher Education

May 16, 2019

Higher education can benefit from team collaboration particularly between IT, business, and finance leaders.    


Generation Z and Technology on Campus

Feb 20, 2019

Generation Z is the most digitally capable group of students ever. Recruiting and retaining these students on college campuses with aging infrastructure and limited connectivity is a challenge. This video uncovers the key Gen Z traits to better engage these students.  


3 Steps to Improve IT Funding for Future Innovation

Dec 21, 2018

Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Higher education institutions need to scale quickly to keep up with technology. This video highlights the steps to improving IT funding for future innovation.