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What Will You Do to Win?

May 12, 2020

The coronavirus instantly upended modern life and threatens to bring higher education to its knees. We can’t let that happen! The full collegiate experience is uniquely American, and it is imperative that the higher education system emerge from the current pandemic crisis stronger than before. Higher education’s mission of increasing prosperity, conducting ground-breaking research, and transforming lives and society must prevail. For the authors of this white paper, college was a rite of passage that changed our lives. It was where Rajiv met his wife and started his business. It was where Matt was set on a path for life that he would not have experienced otherwise. And it was where Teresa figured out she could use her language skills to enter business and see and experience the world. Gen Z and the generations that come after deserve these same life-changing experiences. But some of the traditions that Rajiv, Matt,…

Partner Perspective


Jul 19, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the great promise of making tasks easier, simpler, faster, or more efficient. Everyone is wearing, carrying, driving, and using Internet-connected devices on a daily basis, which is putting a lot of pressure on all institutions. This article from Business Officer magazine looks into the differences between traditional IT systems and IoT systems and what strategies institutions can use to adapt their network infrastructure and operations.