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Better Than Ever: New Features of Apogee ResNet and Managed Campus

Jan 21, 2021

Around Apogee hallways – I mean Zoom or Teams meetings nowadays – nothing gets us as excited or generates more buzz than the launch of a new service or capability that will improve the customer experience. While we prefer to use our blog to provide you with insights, ideas, and inspiration, we are so excited about the new capabilities available that we had to share now. Learn more about the new next-gen capabilities for both Apogee ResNet and Apogee Managed Campus.


College Students Are Hungry

Jan 19, 2021

Nationwide, millions of college students struggle with food and shelter insecurity, which negatively impacts their health and dims their chances of graduating. This January, as we observe Poverty in America Awareness Month, this blog spotlights these problems and shares what higher ed is doing and can do to help students in need. Let’s work together to ensure the college dreams of a generation of young people come to fruition.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Update

Jan 14, 2021

At Apogee, we say that higher education is our higher purpose. In partnering with institutions across the country, we see our role as enablers of an engaging, high-quality education accessible and affordable to anyone who seeks it, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or background. 2020 forced us all to examine our progress and failures. Learn how we are redoubling our commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Top 10 Higher Ed Predictions for 2021

Jan 07, 2021

We’re all glad to put 2020 behind us. While there are hefty challenges ahead of us for the next months, there’s a bright light on the horizon. Highly effective vaccines are rolling out, in no small part from the contributions of higher education. And an incredible transformation of higher education has begun. If there’s been a silver lining to emerge from the disruption, it’s that colleges and universities everywhere have started to rethink the way education is delivered. Let’s dig into some predictions. Apogee has an exciting year ahead!


Confront the Future with Strategic Planning

Dec 10, 2020

At Apogee, we’ve read and studied nearly 500 higher ed institutional strategic plans. Early this year, we put our data scientist to work analyzing them all to find common themes and actionable insights. The goal: to better understand what schools, both big and small, reflected as strategic priorities in a pre-pandemic world. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of an interactive report detailing the findings of this one-of-a-kind research.


It’s Time to Rightsize

Dec 03, 2020

Today’s college students are true digital natives. They’d rather lose an arm than lose their internet connection. How will you innovate to meet their demands and the demands of a blended learning environment when your budget, time, and staff are constrained, and you’re on the brink of burnout from months of pandemic overwork and fatigue? Read on to learn about rightsizing.


The High-Stakes Role of IT in Blended Learning

Nov 19, 2020

By Teresa de Onis The disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic compels us to too often focus on the shortcomings of our response. It’s reinforced by what happens to be a pretty healthy process for learning to do things better and more effectively. As we’ve discussed here in recent posts, there are considerable advantages to come for those campuses that understand and execute on these ideas. Higher education has long thirsted for meaningful innovation, and we can see it on the horizon. But there’s also a lot to celebrate for IT leaders and their teams now. Given the impossible task of transitioning the whole of your school’s class catalog online in the middle of a busy Spring 2020 semester, you knocked it out of the park almost overnight. No added budget or resources. Little in the way of knowledge or training for faculty unfamiliar with online teach and learn. It’s…


Differentiate With A Blended Learning Strategy

Nov 12, 2020

By Teresa de Onis The steps you take now to improve your online product serve both your institution’s short-term and long-term interests. The more you lean into blended learning as a way to attract, retain, and graduate students, the more value a robust online experience will provide. Enhance traditional learning, don’t replace it Blended learning is here to stay. This isn’t because we believe a return to a purely traditional model isn’t possible, but because the value online learning offers as an enhancement to traditional learning is so exciting. In the months since the pandemic started, in your personal life, how many times have you caught yourself saying, “this is one change I hope sticks around”? We already see the massive potential for synchronous and asynchronous modalities to improve the in-class experience. These changes aren’t going anywhere. Imagine a student sitting in class, simultaneously streaming the lecture happening right in…


Inspire New Levels of Collaboration in Online Learning

Nov 05, 2020

By Teresa de Onis Federal data showed that pre-COVID-19 one-third of all enrolled college students took at least one online class. The rate during COVID-19 has skyrocketed, with official numbers yet to be released. While it’s impossible to understate the value of online learning during the pandemic, for small and midsized schools whose pedagogy is centered around intimate, highly collaborative in-person engagement, online learning is bemoaned by faculty. Many hoped that the pandemic might help professors see more value in online learning, but a new survey conducted last month found that the proportion of higher ed instructors who see online learning as effective is only at 49 percent. The good news: that’s up from 39 percent in a similar survey in May after emergency remote learning was implemented. It’s too easy to accept that online learning is ineffective or will always produce poor levels of engagement. It’s imperative that we…


Online Learning as a Competitive Advantage

Oct 29, 2020

By Teresa de Onis In our first blog, “Why Online Learning is so Hard”, I wrote about the significant challenges online learning presents for higher education. For small and medium colleges and universities in particular, whose bread and butter is centered on providing an intimate and highly collaborative experience, the current pandemic-driven environment is especially dire. Exploring creative ways to move closer to a face-to-face dynamic online makes sense in the short term. In my own day-to-day interactions, I’m already seeing the potential for startups to emerge, created by students who went through the early days of the pandemic in the spring and think, “The online experience wasn’t great. Here’s a better offer.” We can expect many smart, incremental ideas from students as they think about how to improve their own online experience. And we’ll see a lot of innovation around synchronous learning pedagogy tailored for smaller campuses whose needs…


Why online learning is so hard

Oct 22, 2020

By Teresa de Onis In the more than two decades Apogee has served higher ed, we’ve come to know that our most successful partnerships with colleges and universities are those closely aligned culturally, operationally, technologically, and financially. Mutual success and long-term value are so consistently predetermined by these attributes that we developed a framework around them (what we call The Four Fits) to help us and our partners judge whether a significant investment in time, energy, and resources is likely to yield the desired return. It turns out The Four Fits framework is a valuable tool for cracking the problem of remote learning. Organizing your institution’s challenges into cultural, operational, technological, and financial buckets can help you more effectively get your arms around remote learning and simplify the process of finding real solutions. In our debut blog, we’ll break down the challenges of remote learning, share an important resource to…