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Join Our Webinar on Small College Innovation on Feb. 24

Feb 10, 2022

Apogee is excited to host our first webinar of 2022 – HOW 3 COLLEGES INNOVATE AND ADDRESS BUDGET CHALLENGES – February 24th at 3 PM EST with campus leaders from Centenary College, Eureka College, and Ithaca College. Read on for the who, what, when, and how to register details.


An Open Letter from Lou Delzompo the New Apogee CTO

Jan 20, 2022

Meet our new CTO, Lou Delzompo! He writes: “I love solving business problems in higher education with technology. Not because I like technology, but for what a well-designed solution enables. I joined Apogee to drive an innovation agenda that will enable our growing customer base of 400+ colleges and universities that serve over 1 million students to digitally transform, to not only overcome the challenges of the last two years, but also to come out stronger and better in the long run.”


2022 Higher Education Strategic Technology Report

Jan 14, 2022
With the ongoing pandemic, higher education is still working to adapt to a new normal. The events of 2020 and 2021 cast a bright light on the difficulties of making quality higher education accessible to the underserved as well as preparing students for modern, well-paying jobs that lead to satisfying careers and lives.


Apogee Worksheet: Maslow’s Hierarchy for IT – 2022

Jan 13, 2022
Infrastructure and connectivity are the foundation of IT and are operationally intensive and time-consuming. The next layer is stability, security, and information, where you secure your campus from cyberthreats and enable data-driven decision-making. When these two operational foundations are strong, you can speed up innovations such as smart buildings, robust CRM systems, and student analytics.


Building the Case for Managed Technology Services

Start to identify the time- and resource-hogging IT operational projects you can offload to a partner and begin building the case for managed technology services. Using our new fillable PDF worksheet with the Maslow’s hierarchy framework applied to IT, you can discover which IT areas are key targets for partnering so you can move faster on innovation projects and your wish list items.


Episode 2: Empowering Culture, Technology, and Student Success at HBCUs

Jan 06, 2022
We recently sat down for an incredible conversation with Dr. Christine Johnson McPhail, President of St. Augustine's University, a historically black college and university located in Raleigh, North Carolina and Apogee ResNet customer. Listen to our conversation about the empowering culture at HBCUs, the role technology plays at them, and the silver linings of living through the pandemic years.


How to Move from In-House IT to Managed IT

Dec 17, 2021
For colleges and universities to successfully unlock the value technology can provide in achieving their vision and goals, IT leaders must unlock the time necessary to think strategically and innovate. Learn how to partner with a managed technology services provider to pave the way forward.


Apogee Top 10 Higher Ed Predictions for 2022

Dec 16, 2021

It’s that time of year again – predictions time! These prediction posts are fun to pull together because we can take a step back and think about the future and play pundit for a bit. My colleague Matt Loecke and I made 10 predictions for higher ed last year, and we were grinning when we saw that we got 8 of them right, or, er, almost right. Read on and take a wager now on whether we nailed our predictions for 2022.


7 Reasons to Take the Apogee 1-Hour Online Short Course in December

Dec 07, 2021

To help you navigate and respond to the myriad challenges affecting higher ed IT teams today, we invite you to take just one hour this month and spend it with Apogee in our new free online short course, Unlock Time to Drive Higher Ed IT Innovation. December is a great time to take stock, focus on thinking about the future, and align your professional and personal goals for 2022.


Honoring Apogee Veterans During A Two-Day Retreat

Nov 18, 2021

Our guest blogger today is Jonathan Alford, Director of Managed Campus at Apogee and a veteran. With the help of the amazing Apogee HR team, Jon embarked on creating a strong veteran community at Apogee through our First Annual Veterans Workshop and Retreat at our headquarters in Austin, TX last week. If you’re a veteran seeking an opportunity to serve higher education, please read on to learn more about the supportive community the company offers.


EDUCAUSE 2021 Annual Conference – Then and Now

Oct 21, 2021

The EDUCAUSE 2021 Annual Conference agenda is very different this year. The last two conferences – 2019 in Chicago, 2020 online only – had more of an emphasis on discovery, data, and change management. This year’s conference feels more “immediate” in nature, with an emphasis on technology topics that need to be acted on now to set up higher ed for future success. Read on to learn more about how to spend your time at this year’s conference whether you’re participating in person or online.


How to Create the Modern Residence Hall with Managed IT

Oct 12, 2021
In an essay published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, co-authors Arthur Levine and Scott Van Pelt outline five “profound and jarring new realities” shaping the future of higher education. While each of these trends – the result of conversations with college presidents, higher ed associations, and policymakers – are broadly relevant for school administrators, one trend stands out.


How Apogee Helped An HBCU Partner Bridge the Digital Divide

Oct 07, 2021

Soon after the implementation of the new ResNet at Saint Augustine’s University, the HBCU had to implement an online-only week as a pandemic precautionary measure to safeguard students, faculty, and staff. Read on to learn how this partnership is enabling an improved campus experience in a blended learning environment and the bridging of the Digital Divide.


Drive Innovation with Managed IT Services

Oct 04, 2021
For colleges and universities to successfully unlock the value technology can provide in achieving their vision and goals, IT leaders must unlock the time necessary to think strategically and innovate. Learn how to partner with a managed technology services provider to pave the way forward.


Join Apogee at EDUCAUSE 2021 | Philadelphia, PA | October 26-29

Sep 23, 2021

Apogee is hard at work planning to ensure that every interaction you have with us at the EDUCAUSE 2021 Annual Conference will be delightful. It’s been a long time since we were able to gather with the higher ed IT community, and we are so looking forward to seeing you at the conference in Philadelphia or online. Read on to learn about our top 7 recommended conference sessions and the Apogee booth experience. See you in Philly!


The Great Resignation: How Can Higher Ed CIOs Respond?

Sep 16, 2021

The Great Resignation is real. Americans, especially skilled tech workers, are leaving their jobs by the thousands. Many who haven’t done so are thinking about it. Your best moves right now? Start by benchmarking your IT organization against other colleges and universities and then break the status quo to consider how outsourcing can help.


An Open Letter from the New Apogee CEO

Sep 09, 2021

Higher education and helping customers transform with technology have always been my passions. I see that same passion reflected in Apogee with our mantra ‘higher ed is our higher purpose.’ Apogee’s commitment to higher education success is not only remarkable but truly inspiring. I’m excited to be here and share some thoughts with you. -Scott Drossos, Apogee CEO


Why Apogee Cares So Much About Blended Learning

Sep 02, 2021

We often get asked: “Why does Apogee care so much about blended learning? You’re an MSP, not an LMS or other learning tech company.” Great question! For two reasons: Apogee loves students and customers. Apogee knows how to unlock time. For real.


ACUHO-i Conference Recap: Taking Higher Ed Back to Better

Jun 30, 2021

Virtual conference season is going strong and housing and residence life officers from around the globe just met for the ACUHO-i annual conference to discuss critical higher ed issues. Main takeaways included an investigation of how our campuses can thrive with the knowledge gained from the COVID-19 pandemic and how to ensure retention is staying top of mind.


6 Ways Higher Ed Leaders Can Work Smarter

Jun 03, 2021

Modern society often portrays rest as an indulgence lacking value and, at worst, a distraction from more important things. But this perspective is erroneous. Rest is work’s ally, not its enemy. Higher ed leaders have toiled tirelessly for the last fifteen months, and Summer 2021 is an opportunity to take a step back and let your mind imagine future possibilities for your campus.


An Unashamed Conversation About Mental Health

May 20, 2021

To honor Mental Health Awareness Month, Teresa de Onis, Apogee VP of Marketing, and her daughter open up about her daughter’s mental health disorders and how they were exacerbated during her freshman year at college during the pandemic. Read on to be inspired to #breakthestigma.


Episode 1: Equality, Equity, Systemic Racism—and HBCUs

Apr 20, 2021
Our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have a rich history but few of us know much about their contributions and influence. Apogee client and inaugural guest Martin Lemelle, EVP and COO, Grambling State University (one of 101 HBCUs) talks about what HBCUs mean to all of us – and their role today in advancing equality and equity and in eliminating systemic racism.


How To Avoid the Pitfalls That Can Derail Your Enrollment Success

Apr 15, 2021

In this guest post, Apogee Director of Business Development Jeanne Frawley draws on her more than 20 years of higher ed and sales experience to advise college enrollment professionals on how to avoid post-pandemic pitfalls during the 2021 recruiting season.


You should know DJ Henry’s story. Let me tell you.

Apr 08, 2021

Meet our guest blogger, Brandon Joachim, a man of color, student at Pace University, and Apogee Student Ambassador for Apogee Campus Engagement initiatives. Read on to learn how Brandon led his classmates to act when the Black Lives Matter movement swept the nation in 2020 and how he continues to use his ambassadorship to uplift the underrepresented.


The Residence Hall Is Now A Classroom

Apr 01, 2021

Your residence halls are where most online learning is taking place now and where students will enhance their in-class experience after the pandemic is over, both in their rooms and in newly created learning and collaboration spaces. Modern Wi-Fi is key to delivering the new academic experiences, and there may be an opportunity to apply American Rescue Plan Act funds to this effort due to the changes in instructions your school has and will continue to implement.


A Conversation on Women in Tech

Mar 29, 2021

March is Women’s History Month and at Apogee there have been some great conversations in our Teams feed this month as we’ve amplified the theme with challenging topics and ideas. Teresa de Onis, VP of Marketing at Apogee and a Gen Xer, and Sophie White, Campus Solutions Strategist, a Millennial, sat down to talk about our experiences as women in tech and the degree of progress that’s been made.


ACE2021 Virtual Conference Recap

Mar 25, 2021

It’s conference season in higher ed, and one of the most important annual meetings for our industry just wrapped. ACE2021 was well worth the investment of time and money. I couldn’t attend all the sessions, but I want to recap the Top 5 I attended for those who didn’t have a conference pass or who may have missed these sessions. Links to recordings are included. Spoiler alert! The Apogee session is in the Top 5! And there’s a bonus #6 for us over-achievers.


You Have 99 Jobs. Why is Network Infrastructure One of Them?

Mar 18, 2021

The door has opened for higher ed to use this time to let go of the status quo, time-and resource-hogging operational headaches, and outdated and expensive technology buying models to usher in a new era to create change for good. During these times of uncertainty, universities often focus on downsizing and forgo or don’t see the opportunity to rightsize. Downsizing alone is brutal. Rightsizing implies growth and freedom.


How to Use Strategic Planning to Become An Innovator

Mar 09, 2021

What makes a higher ed institution an Innovator? At Apogee, we believe our analysis of 491 college and university strategic plans shows that schools that had strong online learning initiatives prior to the pandemic are Innovators that are more resilient to the turmoil caused by the pandemic and more prepared for the blended learning future. Check out our new infographic on these Innovators and learn how you can register for a limited time to receive a personalized walk-through of our interactive report, The State of Higher Ed Strategic Planning.


The Liminal State of Higher Ed

Mar 04, 2021

Winter Storm Uri left Apogee’s VP of Marketing (and more than half of Texas) without power for four days. What did she do to weather the storm? And what does that have to do with higher ed? Read on to learn about liminality and how higher ed inhabits this tense and chaotic space between what was and what will be.


Students Should Not Fund the Technology Gap

Feb 11, 2021

As drops in student enrollment and retention due to the pandemic continue to cause financial challenges for higher ed, it’s time to address some root causes of these beyond the pandemic. As institutions seek to diversify the student body – ethnically, geographically, socioeconomically – we must find the gaps and align resources to provide solutions. Socioeconomically vulnerable students are unable to fund one of these gaps – the technology gap – and we need to respond.


Higher Ed Burnout Is Real

Feb 04, 2021

In 2019, the World Health Organization upgraded burnout from a stress syndrome to a syndrome resulting from “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” The evidence for compounding stress and burnout in higher ed is everywhere. Dive in to see what research from The Chronicle of Education, Educause, and our own analysis at Apogee reveals on this topic and how managed services can make all the difference in providing relief for IT, Student Affairs, and other higher ed departments.


Is Hindsight 2020?

Jan 28, 2021

In a webinar we recently conducted for CFOs with our partner AICCU (Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities), I made a passing comment to the audience that hindsight is 20/20 when considering the rapid shift to online learning modalities spurred by the pandemic and the need to drive innovation to advance blended learning. A clever attendee chatted back, “Hindsight is 2020.” What can we learn from the past?


Better Than Ever: New Features of Apogee ResNet and Managed Campus

Jan 21, 2021

Around Apogee hallways – I mean Zoom or Teams meetings nowadays – nothing gets us as excited or generates more buzz than the launch of a new service or capability that will improve the customer experience. While we prefer to use our blog to provide you with insights, ideas, and inspiration, we are so excited about the new capabilities available that we had to share now. Learn more about the new next-gen capabilities for both Apogee ResNet and Apogee Managed Campus.


College Students Are Hungry

Jan 19, 2021

Nationwide, millions of college students struggle with food and shelter insecurity, which negatively impacts their health and dims their chances of graduating. This January, as we observe Poverty in America Awareness Month, this blog spotlights these problems and shares what higher ed is doing and can do to help students in need. Let’s work together to ensure the college dreams of a generation of young people come to fruition.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment Update

Jan 14, 2021

At Apogee, we say that higher education is our higher purpose. In partnering with institutions across the country, we see our role as enablers of an engaging, high-quality education accessible and affordable to anyone who seeks it, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or background. 2020 forced us all to examine our progress and failures. Learn how we are redoubling our commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Top 10 Higher Ed Predictions for 2021

Jan 07, 2021

We’re all glad to put 2020 behind us. While there are hefty challenges ahead of us for the next months, there’s a bright light on the horizon. Highly effective vaccines are rolling out, in no small part from the contributions of higher education. And an incredible transformation of higher education has begun. If there’s been a silver lining to emerge from the disruption, it’s that colleges and universities everywhere have started to rethink the way education is delivered. Let’s dig into some predictions. Apogee has an exciting year ahead!


Confront the Future with Strategic Planning

Dec 10, 2020

At Apogee, we’ve read and studied nearly 500 higher ed institutional strategic plans. Early this year, we put our data scientist to work analyzing them all to find common themes and actionable insights. The goal: to better understand what schools, both big and small, reflected as strategic priorities in a pre-pandemic world. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of an interactive report detailing the findings of this one-of-a-kind research.


It’s Time to Rightsize

Dec 03, 2020

Today’s college students are true digital natives. They’d rather lose an arm than lose their internet connection. How will you innovate to meet their demands and the demands of a blended learning environment when your budget, time, and staff are constrained, and you’re on the brink of burnout from months of pandemic overwork and fatigue? Read on to learn about rightsizing.


The High-Stakes Role of IT in Blended Learning

Nov 19, 2020

The disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic compels us to too often focus on the shortcomings of our response. But there’s also a lot to celebrate for IT leaders and their teams now. Higher education has long thirsted for meaningful innovation, and we can see it on the horizon. The hard work isn’t over. You had 99 jobs even before the pandemic started, but now the leadership mantle has fallen to you. How will you take advantage of your new seat at the cabinet table?


Differentiate With A Blended Learning Strategy

Nov 12, 2020

In the months since the pandemic started, in your personal life, how many times have you caught yourself saying, “this is one change I hope sticks around”? We already see the massive potential for synchronous and asynchronous modalities to improve the traditional in-class experience. These changes are here to stay. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you, as an IT leader, can lead your institution’s differentiation strategy with blended learning.


Inspire New Levels of Collaboration in Online Learning

Nov 05, 2020

It’s too easy to accept that online learning is ineffective or produces poor levels of student engagement. We must innovate and improve online learning so it can contribute to an exceptional blended learning experience. In this blog post, we explore how the extent to which IT leaders collaborate and brainstorm with housing officers, provosts, and faculty will decide just how much progress can be made.


Online Learning as a Competitive Advantage

Oct 29, 2020

For small and medium colleges and universities, whose differentiation is centered on providing an intimate and highly collaborative experience, the current pandemic-driven environment feels especially dire. At Apogee, we believe blended learning is here to stay, and in our latest blog we explore why finding creative ways to move closer to a face-to-face dynamic online is an imperative.


Why online learning is so hard

Oct 22, 2020

In the more than 20 years Apogee has served higher ed, we’ve come to know that our most successful partnerships with schools are those closely aligned culturally, operationally, technologically, and financially. We’ll take a look at these four variables to break down the challenges of online learning.


Higher Ed Strategic Plans Report 2020

Jul 09, 2020
Our analysis reveals that 83% of campuses prioritize pedagogical initiatives, yet only 64% prioritize technology initiatives, suggesting much work needs to be done to close the gap to prepare for the rapid shift to blended learning and deliver a multi-modal educational experience.


Transform the Educational Experience Through Blended Learning

Jun 26, 2020
Play a leadership role in transforming the educational experience with blended learning modalities and transition from simple cost center to critical contributor in the fight for enrollment, retention, persistence, and outcomes.


Episode 4: Derek Jackson, Associate Vice President for Student Life, Kansas State University

May 13, 2020

Derek Jackson will join us to share how Auxiliary Services are launching new technologies to enhance the student experience.  


Episode 3: Jessie Minton, Chief Information Officer, University of Oregon

Jessie Minton, Chief Information Officer of University of Oregon, has made major strides to improve operations and innovation.  


Episode 2: Tara LaChapell, Chief Information Officer, Ripon College

Tara shares insights into leading a small, rural college’s IT strategy and innovation plans. Listen in to how leadership and people are critical to the universities success.  


Episode 1: Heath Price, Associate Chief Information Officer, University of Kentucky

Heath discusses Kentucky’s initiatives, his role as Associate Chief Information Officer, and where he sees higher education heading into the near future.   


Rightsize Your Campus Network

May 12, 2020
Higher ed will now be forever seen through the eyes of “before COVID-19 and after.” Some schools will fail. Others will win. Students-first leaders must face this crisis with unflinching agility and resolve. There is no accidental success. This e-book dives into the actions you can take now.

Partner Perspective

The State of ResNet Report 2019

May 10, 2020
summary: The State of ResNet report utilizes quantitative insights from three significant ResNet stakeholders: higher-education IT leaders, housing officers, and business officers. The outcome is a big picture view from leaders with unique, but collaborative, roles in residential networking.

White Paper

Are Jim Collins’ Ideas Still Relevant for Higher Education Today

Jun 14, 2019
This whitepaper examines the enduring principles of Dr. Collins’ work as they relate to higher education and how leaders can confront the challenge of leveraging technology to enable institutional greatness – not to disrupt the institution’s mission.

Partner Perspective

3 Ways We’re Improving Student Retention

Jun 10, 2019
University of Mary Washington (UMW) through a partnership with Apogee initiated a series of innovative and multi-faceted approaches directly addressing and meeting students’ needs, all with the goal of boosting student retention rates.


How to Unify a Multigenerational Campus

May 30, 2019
Four generations are now navigating the university experience together. Today's freshman are the most digitally advanced and interacting with older generations working well into their 70s. Each generation has their own preferred communication style. This video identifies new ways to bring a multi-generational campus together.


Greater Team Collaboration in Higher Education

May 16, 2019
Higher education can benefit from team collaboration particularly between IT, business, and finance leaders.

Partner Perspective

When to Develop In-House Solutions, and When to Partner with Companies?

Mar 19, 2019
David Hinson, CIO at Drury University, and Rajiv Shenoy, CTO at Apogee, offer their perspective in this EDUCAUSE article how to evaluate and inventory in-house resources and define success for your institution.

White Paper

Prioritizing Technology, Becoming Entrepreneurial

Mar 15, 2019
This white paper addresses the considerations leaders must evaluate when balancing strategic change with optimizing operationally essential technology.


Generation Z and Technology on Campus

Feb 20, 2019
Generation Z is the most digitally capable group of students ever. Recruiting and retaining these students on college campuses with aging infrastructure and limited connectivity is a challenge. This video uncovers the key Gen Z traits to better engage these students.


3 Steps to Improve IT Funding for Future Innovation

Dec 21, 2018
Technology is developing at a rapid pace. Higher education institutions need to scale quickly to keep up with technology. This video highlights the steps to improving IT funding for future innovation.

Partner Perspective

Jul 19, 2018
This article from Business Officer magazine looks into the differences between traditional IT systems and IoT systems and what strategies institutions can use to adapt their network infrastructure and operations.

Partner Perspective

Hazing Prevention Campaigns Go Digital

Jul 13, 2018
To combat hazing during National Hazing Prevention Week, 14 schools used the Campus Life Channel (CLC), a digital platform that collects, curates, and broadcasts social media posts, videos, and flyers, for sharing content.

White Paper

Business Insights for Campus Technology I – Funding Technology Sustainability in Higher Educat...

Jan 11, 2018
If capital expenditures are generally meant for static investments and operating expenses are intended for variable, ongoing costs, it only makes sense that rapidly changing technology would be better shifted to predictable operational expenses.

White Paper

5 Ways IoT Will Empower the Campus of the Future

Nov 20, 2017
This white paper highlights our insights, and looks at how Wi-Fi is a complex utility that serves as a foundation to campus technology, and how tech-savvy leaders can empower their campuses for the future.

Partner Perspective

Digital Engagement for Campus Communication

Aug 28, 2017
In EDUCAUSE Review, Thomas Hennessey Jr., PhD, chief of staff emeritus at George Mason University, writes about the development of George Mason's digital engagement and communications strategy and the benefits of partnering with a managed services technology provider like Apogee.