• Campus Life Channel


OrcaTV is Apogee’s digital media service that drives student success and student engagement helping university leaders achieve their strategic plan. Our OrcaTV team serves as an extension to the university’s staff to distribute a unique, curated channel of student and faculty submitted fliers, videos, and social media that simplifies communications to inform and engage the university community. By bringing many different communication mediums to one place, OrcaTV creates a centralized platform that is accessible, interactive, and fun to use.


Content Collection


Our National Content Coordinator works closely with university leaders and students to collect all relevant content across social media, videos, flyers, live streams, athletic contests and more. We host period planning sessions to help plan for university events and ensure the event is properly communicated to your community.


Approval Process


Our Media Support team curates and approves each piece of content based on guidelines specific to your campus. No content is displayed until it undergoes a deep curation process. The approved content populates the OrcaTV Campus Life Channel.


Managed Campaigns


Homecoming, Title IX live streams, debates, guest speakers. Our content team works closely with your university leaders and students to showcase your events across digital signage, TV, IPTV, and websites driving engagement and participation.


Digital Signage & Media Integration


The OrcaTV platform integrates with most digital signage platforms as well as websites, social media hubs, cable TV and IPTV. Our engineering team handles all of the integration allowing your campus to have university-wide content with hyper-local control. Integrating with Apogee Video Services, universities realize massive cost savings.




Accountability, measurability, and analytics are provided as part of the OrcaTV service. Apogee’s team will present analytics to demonstrate the value of our partnership which can be used to demonstrate our ability to help achieve your strategic initiatives.