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Case Study

Using SnapChat to Engage Students
November 30, 2017
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Every year, Michigan State University’s College of Natural Sciences hosts a Michigan Medical Schools night in which representatives from various medical schools in Michigan visit campus to explain their offerings. Upperclassman students on the pre-med track are invited to attend the event to learn about the med schools and network with visiting schools. Since the event would be held in the Natural Sciences Building, the College of Natural Sciences wanted to promote the event as much as possible to increase name recognition for the college and encourage attendance at future events. Additionally, the college wanted students to be interested in, and engaged with, the event to make sure they were well-educated about their prospects for medical school. Successful, educated students would promote persistence and retention. Students who were aware that they needed to succeed during their undergraduate careers to be accepted to medical schools would be more likely to remain at Michigan State University and graduate, as they would be highly focused on academic achievement.


Promote Michigan Med Schools night to students in an interesting and engaging way.


Apogee’s Student Ambassador worked with the college to determine their vision for marketing the event, then reiterated the information to Apogee’s Content Coordinator. The Student Ambassador worked with Apogee to structure an engagement plan. Before the event, the college submitted flyers through the Campus Life Channel submission portal advertising Michigan Med Schools night. The flyers encouraged students to register and were displayed on digital signage around campus. The college promoted use of the ongoing hashtag #IHeartNatSci for the event. Apogee aggregated posts from Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag, curated them for appropriateness based on guidelines pre-established with the school, and then displayed the approved posts in a social media feed on digital signage. Apogee also created a custom Snapchat Geofilter for students to use while Snapchatting pictures and videos from the event. The Geofilter read Michigan Med Schools Night at the top with medical-themed images included.


The marketing team from the College of Natural Sciences was able to offload responsibility for creating a Snapchat Geofilter to Apogee. Students were able to post from the event on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag and see their posts showcased on digital signage, drawing attention to the event from the students’ social media followers. Students were also excited to Snapchat from the event with the custom Geofilter, communicating their whereabouts to friends through an aesthetically pleasing overlay. The college was perceived to be in touch with the latest social media trends through incorporation of Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Download Case Study (PDF)
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