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Case Study

The Business and Personnel Challenges of Rapid Expansion and Meeting Student Demand

March 14, 2020
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After experiencing extraordinary growth in enrollment and addition of several large-scale residential communities, San Francisco State University‘s technology and support needs increased rapidly. School officials developed an ambitious plan for network expansion with goals of having an infrastructure flexible and dependable enough to exceed campus technology demands and changes for the next 15 years. Administrators understood that modern technology in the residence halls is one of its primary strategic initiatives and critical for filling beds and paying its new liabilities. With tight capital budgets and limited staff resources, SFSU determined that its best strategy was to partner with a specialized and experienced network provider.


The initial implementation consisted of deploying an Apogee-Powered ResNet – a scalable, fully integrated voice/video/data network with complete on-site maintenance and around-the-clock support. As part of Apogee’s commitment to help SFSU stay ahead of the technology curve, Apogee recently executed a campus-wide upgrade providing a complete replacement with new AC wireless network equipment and upgraded speeds. SFSU also moved from traditional analog cable TV to digital in the residence halls and installed cable TV in the Mashouf Wellness Center.

SFSU’s 3 Major Components of Success

A reliable and flexible cabling infrastructure to exceed capacity needs over 15 years, including:
  • CAT6 Ethernet cabling
  • High-frequency coaxial cabling
  • Single-mode fiber-optic cabling to support 10 Gigabit and emerging 100 Gigabit service
Leading edge student services in a mobile campus environment, including:
  • Fully wired Ethernet service and leading edge 802.11ac wireless service
  • Complete upgrade including all new AC wireless network equipment with updated speeds
  • Digital TV providing more HD, more redundancy and premium channels
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) with a clear path to mobile service
Superior support centered around students’ schedules and technology use, including:
  • 24/7/365 via chat, email, text and phone
  • Guest and conference support service provided year-round

Bringing the Future Here Today, Prepare for Tomorrow

SFSU wanted to build an infrastructure with leading edge services that would put them at the forefront of residential technology in higher education. Apogee eliminated the complexity of networking and brought them all together into a single, meaningful service while moving the financial risk off the institution.

With Apogee’s unparalleled experience, SFSU found a network solution that exceeded expectations, freed IT staff for campus pursuits, and laid the groundwork for a residential network designed to meet tomorrow’s needs today.

Download Case Study (PDF)
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