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Case Study

Offloading Content Curation Responsibilities

November 30, 2017
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As a service aiming to engage students and drive success through persistence and retention, the Campus Engagement team curates event posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, and other content submitted through Apogee’s custom-branded portals. Pace University wanted to let Apogee curate all of their content according to the pre-established written guidelines the university had created, but was wary of giving up control of their messaging.


Work with Pace University to ensure the university is comfortable with Apogee’s curation processes and feels that their image is being conveyed appropriately.


Apogee and administrators at Pace University collaborated to establish school-specific written guidelines. The Apogee Campus Engagement team posted these guidelines on Pace’s submission portal. After receiving submissions, Apogee individually vetted each post against the guidelines through backend curation software, rejecting inappropriate posts and accepting appropriate ones. Pace administrators also received automatic notification emails whenever content was submitted and could continue the conversations about content appropriateness via email.


Shortly after launching, administrators at Pace carefully viewed each content submission to ensure it was consistent with their messaging. However, Pace University soon realized that Apogee was curating content appropriately, and decided to have less oversight over the process and save administrators’ time for other responsibilities. Today, Apogee largely curates content without input from Pace, unless questionable content needs to be brought to the attention of administrators.

“After more than three years of working with Apogee, Pace University continues to be impressed by their innovative ways of engaging students. Apogee is proactive and engaged with campus events and we trust Apogee to curate submissions according to our guidelines. We are always impressed by the volume and quality of content that we see distributed on our digital screens on Pace’s New York City and Pleasantville campuses.”

– Jacqueline Tortorella, Assistant Director, Marketing and Account Management, Office of University

Download Case Study (PDF)
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