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Case Study

Consolidating & Solidifying Campus Communications

November 30, 2017
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The University of Mary Washington wanted to consolidate campus communications in an effort to engage students while solidifying essential information structures and continuing to provide access to the CableTV coverage students were demanding.

“With Apogee, we updated and expanded our system and set up a user-friendly portal for super simple submission of messages in a variety of different formats. Within a few months, the screens had become the go-to place for information, and the new messaging system had created a buzz on campus. Plus, the Apogee reps have been accessible and helpful day and night on-site and remotely. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

-Anna Billingsley, Associate Vice President for University Relations, University of Mary Washington


Engage students with conversations occurring on campus while strengthening information structures, allowing students top-notch ResNet service for academic success, and providing tailored CableTV offerings.


The University of Mary Washington signed with Apogee for ResNet and CableTV services in 2008, and Campus Engagement Services in 2013. Apogee took over responsibility for UMW’s ResNet and CableTV management, handling hardware installations and scheduled refreshes while supporting students through a 24/7 call center. Apogee also engaged students by creating a custom submission portal for campus content, hiring a Student Ambassador to ensure relevance to students and facilitate outreach to student groups, and distributing channelized campus content to digital signs around campus through a local origination channel based from Apogee’s CableTV headend.


Apogee helped cut thousands of dollars in technology costs by distributing campaigns and content through Apogee’s CableTV headend, while employing a full-time onsite technician to address any support issues stemming from ResNet, CableTV, and Campus Engagement. Students, faculty, staff, and especially the IT department noticed enhanced service and increased Internet speeds, as well as easy access to their favorite CableTV programming. Campus Engagement Services delivered vibrant on-campus conversations, with 693 event posts, 507 social media posts, and 146 event submitters in the first year.

Download Case Study (PDF)
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