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Case Studies

Ithaca College

A Wi-Fi Roadmap for Growth, Now and In the Future

Visit Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, today and you’ll find a world-class Wi-Fi network that is used by students, teachers and guests for everything, everywhere. But it wasn’t always like this. Learn how Ithaca teamed with Apogee to map out a progressive path for technology and how the 15+ year partnership has positively impacted student satisfaction, productivity and the bottom line.



Buffalo State University

Increasing Retention, Enrollment and Graduation Through Wi-Fi

The State University College at Buffalo’s existing infrastructure could not keep pace with the rising number of residents and devices. Understanding that providing a reliable way to access online resources was key to the school’s competitiveness, Buffalo State’s administrators partnered with Apogee to deliver a new and comprehensive student network.



Schreiner University

Enter with Hope, Leave with Achievement

Schreiner University in Kerrville, Texas has successfully tapped technology to prepare students and staff to thrive in today’s collaborative, 24/7 environments. “Connecting students to relational learning is how technology can help us achieve the Schreiner promise of Enter with Hope, Leave with Achievement,” said Dr. Timothy Summerlin, President. In 2011, the Schreiner team, led by Summerlin, embarked on a multi-year process to get its technological assets up to speed.



San Francisco State University

Meeting the Growing Expectations of an Expanding Student Body

After experiencing extraordinary growth in enrollment in recent years, San Francisco State saw their technology and support needs increased rapidly. Recognizing that their current network would soon reach capacity, school officials developed an ambitious plan for network expansion. Through a series of phased acquisition projects, they began to add several large-scale residential communities adjacent tocampus. Learn how SFSU partnered Apogee for integrated voice, video and data services to expand their existing housing network by more than 12,000 connections.



Birmingham-Southern College

No Longer “Held Hostage” by ResNet Demands

The IT team at Birmingham-Southern College was being ‘held hostage’ by ResNet demands, spending up to 75 to 80 percent of their time and resources on managing, troubleshooting and resolving ResNet issues. Learn how BSC leveraged Apogee to meet student expectations for reliable wireless Internet access, while freeing up precious manpower and other resources on other priorities, including advancing other technologies.



Southwestern University

Deriving Greater Value Through the ResNet

Southwestern University found that over 90 percent of the traffic on its residential network was entertainment-related, causing them to severely restrict services and applications. This dramatically reduced bandwidth availability for academic purposes, took significant time away from ITS staff, and diverted funds from support services and application development. Learn how Southwestern partnered with Apogee to plan and implement a comprehensive solution, resulting in a 12-fold increase in bandwidth and freed-up resources.



The University of North Texas

Staying Competitive in a Changing Landscape

The University of North Texas (UNT) residence halls were feeling the increased pressure to stay competitive with their Internet connection speeds and faced the challenge of upgrading the entire network infrastructure while finishing major residential expansion projects. Learn how the school collaborated with Apogee to bring buildings on in stages, seamlessly converted their campus, added wireless capability and redeployed existing staff to a “wish list” of waiting projects.