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About Our Name

It’s easy to get confused about what to call the company.

Legally, the name registered for the business in the State of Texas is Apogee Telecom, Inc. This name is reserved exclusively for use on legal documentation, contracts and other official paperwork that require the registered company name in order to pass legal scrutiny.

The name Apogee Communications has also been used. Provenence unknown. Please disregard…

Another name that’s been seen frequently is Apogee, Inc. We used this because, for a long time, we thought we were Apogee, Inc. You might have seen it at the bottom of webpages or on official (non-legal) documentation related to the company. Unfortunately, we are not Apogee, Inc. That name is registered to a consulting company in a small Texas town just south of Lake Old Ingraham. That’s just not us.

Although some attempt was made to gain the legal name Apogee, Inc. for the sake of avoiding confusion, the terms of a mutually beneficial arrangement fell short of our level of interest – and we decided to just make it simple.




We call the company Apogee.

We’ll write Apogee on our business cards, return address labels, office addresses, email foooters, and on any other document that requires the name of the company – Apogee.

Just Apogee.