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Apogee strives to be the best technology services partner to a thriving higher education system - one campus, one student, one administrator at a time.

To respond to continued challenges, higher ed must re-imagine the role technology can play in delivering innovative experiences that drive increased enrollment and retention. Apogee works as an extension of your team to enable campus leaders to unlock the time needed to innovate, eliminate operational and budgetary distractions, and meaningfully contribute to student success.


For over 20 years, Apogee has been helping campus leaders align technology investments to strategic priorities. Backed by a relentless commitment to higher education and unrivaled technical and operational expertise at scale, Apogee proudly wears each and every customer's colors.

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Apogee has lived and breathed higher education for over 20 years, so we have a unique understanding of the connection between technology and campus vitality. Our comprehensive managed services portfolio includes: campus and residential networks, infrastructure, service desk, video, campus engagement, and professional services. By delivering our services in a predictable and clear funding model with built-in analytics and dedicated client service management, Apogee enables campus leaders to offload operations to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Our free Four Fits© Workshop is a collaborative process designed to explore and understand your institution’s current and desired state in four areas: (1) Culture - executive sponsorship, communication and collaboration, and governance, (2) Operations - integrating Apogee processes to deliver exceptional service, (3) Technology - optimizing Apogee support, meeting SLAs, and staying ahead of the curve, (4) Finance - proper stewardship of your school’s resources and how Apogee works within your budget.

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We believe education is a doorway to a fair and just society. Driven by core values of equity, respect, and compassion, we partner with our customers to ensure an accessible education for everyone, with a special emphasis on those undermined by systemic racism and injustice. Within Apogee, we commit to creating a healthy culture of diversity and inclusion and to empowering one another as advocates for an inclusive workplace.

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