Digital Phone (VoIP)

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Apogee can provide full service Voice over IP (VoIP) phone solutions, giving students the option of having an in-room local phone while allowing you to eliminate costly PBX systems. Feature-rich digital phone service includes call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and more. Phone moves are instantaneous – students just tell us where they’re moving, and their phone number goes with them anywhere on campus.

A simple, scalable solution for higher education
With unsurpassed carrier-grade audio quality, Apogee’s digital (IP Based) phone service includes all the features of a standard phone system, like three-way-calling, call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID, and adds unique digital features like voicemail to your email inbox.  Phone numbers are fully portable, meaning students can sign up for one number when they arrive and keep it until they graduate.  Students just make a quick call to tell us where they’re moving and their phone number travels with them anywhere on campus.  Installation is quick, simple, and fully scalable down to the single user.

Flexible plans to meet your needs
Apogee’s flexible plans let you choose whether to provide service throughout the residence or allow student to opt-in when they want to.

Option 1 – Full Coverage Residential Service
- You pay a low monthly fee per bed.
- Local phone service is provided free to students and works with any standard phone.

Option 2 – Opt-In Individual Phone Service
- You Pay a low monthly fee at a flat rate.
- Students can sign up individually for local and long distance phone service at a semester rate.

Reduces Costs
By using the existing data network to deliver converged voice and Internet services, you can eliminate capital expenses and see an immediate reduction in maintenance and support expenditures.  Depending on your plan, long-distance costs for students are eliminated or reduced significantly.

Increased Security
Converging your old voice and data networks allow you to remove old PBX connections from residential buildings while still providing dedicated safety phones in hallways and common areas.

Simple Scalability
VoIP phone systems can easily be expanded as you grow.  While traditional PBX systems often force technicians to unplug every user from a phone network, transport the entire system to a new building, then set up the whole system over again, with VoIP the process is simple.  Adding new users is as easy as copying a text file.  As long as new buildings have Ethernet, users can even handle moves themselves by simply plugging a phone and adapter into a network port.

911 & e911 Compliant
Apogee maintains a database of every subscriber address so that our system an automatically pass on accurate information when connecting a caller to local emergency call enters.  This enhanced 911 service will display current address and phone number information to emergency dispatchers when users dial 911 from their VoIP phone.

Optimizing Spending
Instead of investing in traditional analog equipment, blending your voice and data services allows you to eliminate the costs of maintaining an aging PBX system, end age-old contracts with the Telecom giants and refocus your capital resources where you need them the most.

Streamlined Management
You receive one monthly bill from one provider and students call a single toll-free support number to access Apogee’s customer support team.  Apogee handles all the maintenance and support so your staff can focus on the mission-critical tasks of the university without the burden of managing a residential phone system.

Global Service
Because our digital adapter is the size of a paperback novel and connects to any standard phone, it can easily travel anywhere in the world-bringing a local number with it!  Whether students are studying abroad or calling between regional campuses, free local rates will still apply.

Expert Support
Our VoIP service is fully supported by teams of expert customer support technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   Our call center is locally trained and managed and specializes in issues specific to student living in a high-density campus environment.