Custom Cable & Entertainment

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Apogee’s residential networks support complete turnkey solutions for high-quality distribution of Video-over-IP, enabling students to view available television broadcasts using a personal computer via the Apogee residential network. Subscribers simply use any web-browser to launch an optimized player application, and never have to install, patch, update, configure, or otherwise deal with the hassles of a traditional video player. PC, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems are all supported. A complete programming guide is built into the player, making video navigation simple. Applications include both live video distribution (cable TV feeds, remote broadcast of live events in real-time), as well as on-demand delivery of video and scheduled delivery of entertainment and academic programs.

Crisp Picture with rich cinema sound-no cable box required
Partnering with Apogee lets you offer all-digital, HD, and DVR packages – or say no to additional equipment.  Apogee’s cable solutions are designed for higher education and provide crisp, clear picture and sound without draining department time and budgets.  You can choose to deliver full-resolution digital programming across your existing data network with live Video over IP channels, provide standard and high-definition cable directly to each in-room connection, or offer students digital set-top box upgrades at no additional cost to you.  With Apogee, you’ll provide entertainment services that set the standard for residential living without taking resources away from your mission-critical goals.

Choose the channels and features that are right for you
It’s your network, so we put the choice in your hands,  Hand-select your own channel lineup and choose the services that best fit your campus.  Apogee’s flexible options don’t restrict your choice with existing packages.  We let you build the cable plan that’s right for your residence halls.

Custom Channel Lineups
Handpick the lineup that’s right for your school. From the campus info channel to the BBC, you choose the local, national, and international programming that fits your student residents.

DVR and Digital Cable Options
Give your students the option to pause and rewind live tv and store up to 350 hours of SD programming (or 55 Hours in HD) with expanded DVR and Digital channel packages.

HD Programming
Provide local high-definition programming directly from the cable connection so students can watch their favorite shows in HD without an extra remote or digital receiver.  Expanded HD packages are also available with digital upgrade options

Video over IP Channels
No more fighting over the remote.  With Video over IP programming, use the existing broadband network to deliver full-quality digital programming directly to students’ desktop or laptop computers.  With the click of a mouse, students can watch the channels you select, anytime, wherever they are.